Let's talk defunding — for the FBI

The Washington Examiner reported last week that the FBI used a tip line while vetting Brett Kavanaugh.  That sounds like another dirty trick that the Democrats were probably behind — but in fact, it's the Democrats that are upset about it and are demanding answers.

It seems they're concerned that the FBI may not have thoroughly investigated all tips received, and they want to know why.  The implication seems to be that President Trump may have impeded the investigation of the tips — and if so, they want to know more.  It sounds suspiciously as if they're looking for more grounds for yet another impeachment.  

Is this what passes for crack police work from our "premier law enforcement agency"?  We're not talking about a ten-year-old cold case in which all the leads have dried up.  Brett Kavanaugh is a well-established legal scholar and judge.  How hard could it be to investigate him?  It's just a matter of checking his financials and his criminal record and interviewing family and associates. 

Is the use of a tip line standard procedure when vetting presidential appointments now?  Was it used in the background check of Merrick Garland when President Asterisk nominated him as attorney general? 

This makes one wonder if there's something nefarious going on here.  As we've known since his confirmation, the FBI found nothing incriminating in Justice Kavanaugh's past.

The use of a tip line to vet presidential appointments is a clear sign that the FBI is not what it bills itself to be.  Either it is no longer competent to do a routine investigation or it has become a political hit machine in service to the Democrat party.  It has to be one or the other.

To answer that question, one merely needs to consider recent FBI behavior.  In just the past six years we've seen:

  • Hillary Clinton given a pass for felony transmission of classified information
  • A FISA court deceived, including falsification of evidence, to surveil a private citizen
  • A perjury trap set for President Trump's national security adviser
  • Decline to investigate the obvious perjury of James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper in their congressional testimony
  • Evidence of Hunter and Joe Biden's influence-peddling suppressed
  • January 6 Capitol trespassers (a misdemeanor) charged with criminal conspiracy (a felony)

In all these instances, those serving Democrat administrations have been given a pass.  Those supporting Republican administrations have been subjected to harsh, even illegal treatment.  The tip line is further proof of what conservatives have suspected for some time.  The law is no longer applied equally by the FBI, and they have no interest in taking corrective action.

To assess how rooted the corruption is, it's helpful to look at the last twenty years of FBI leadership.

  • 2001–2013: Robert Mueller was involved in the Whitey Bulger scandal.  Since leaving the FBI, he led an attempt to unseat an elected president.  Within months after initiating his investigation of President Trump, Mueller learned that the evidence was merely a political opposition hit piece, yet he continued the investigation for two and a half years through the midterm election.  How's that for integrity?
  • 2013–2017: James Comey turned the PATRIOT Act against U.S. citizens for political purposes and leaked fraudulent information about the President to the press.  He also leaked classified information to an un-cleared friend in academia in a successful attempt to trigger the appointment of a special prosecutor (the ethically challenged Robert Mueller).
  • 2017–current: Christopher Wray was at the helm while the FBI was doing a hit job on Brett Kavanaugh, creating the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot, and suppressing political speech.  Director Wray has recently designated right-wing extremists (AKA Trump-supporters) the greatest threat America faces.

Under the leadership of this string of partisans, the FBI moto has become a bad joke.

I am adamantly opposed to defunding law enforcement — with one major exception: the FBI.  Investigating garage door pulls and Lego sets seems to be the height of its investigatory skill.  Political hit jobs have become its one remaining core competency.  This all raises the question: can the FBI be fixed, or has the rot run too deep?  Can any president fix this level of corruption with his limited time in office?

It's time to defund the FBI, close it down, and start over from scratch.

Image: FBI.

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