Cuba and American Marxists

Last week, Nikole Hannah-Jones, a leader of the Marxist Democrat left and the architect of the poisonous lies of the N.Y. Times' "1619 Project," said, "The most equal multiracial country in our hemisphere is Cuba.  This is largely due to socialism — something most do not want to hear."

This highly paid American woman, who has been blessed with the luck to be born in America and reached the highest level of prestige in journalism with all the gifts it has provided her, goes on to trash her country and laud the communist police-state dictatorship of Cuba.  She cheers on the iron-fisted thugs and barbarians of Cuba who have enslaved and impoverished eleven million three hundred thousand people for over sixty years, murdered tens of thousands of innocents, and jailed hundreds of thousands for their political beliefs. 

This ingrate of a woman (sorry, is it now birthing person?) who spews the lies that America was born in slavery and continues to enslave blacks with structural racism, goes on to laud true slavery 90 miles from our shores.  Here is a woman void of an ounce of wisdom, completely ignorant of history, yet earning hundreds of thousands of dollars each year spewing her Marxist poison.  She again misses the profound irony that the cushy lifestyle she would never give up is provided by the capitalism and freedom she trashes.  The socialism she lauds is the enslaving economic system that hands the average Cuban $25 a month.  Right on, baby...burn it all foolish woman, afflicted by the intellectual parasite of Marxism. 

As Mark Levin says in his book American Marxism, this destructive ideology is here.  It is hard, pervasive, relentless, vicious, and destroying America from within.  It has infected every vital institution of America from the Democrat party to the universities, schools, Hollywood, non-orthodox Jewish and Christian synagogues and churches, corporate America, sports, and journalism.

Ms. Hannah-Jones could not have said it better than Marx himself — we will burn down this putrid, oppressive, White, male, cisgendered, family-oriented, Christian American Western civilization with its foolish Bible; we will march through every institution.  We will build our Marxist utopia by command of the new enlightened American Fidels of the Democrat party, N.Y. Times, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yale's gender studies department, our new emasculated woke generals, and the hate-mongers of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  The pandemic we suffer from is not COVID.  It is Marxist Democrat leftism.  

Image: Elvert Barnes.

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