More on a Dallas social activist group planning to dox rich Dallas Dems

Yesterday, I wrote about the fact that a group called Dallas Justice NOW (DJN) sent to Democrats in Dallas's wealthy Highland Park neighborhood, asking them to take a pledge to keep their kids out of America's top colleges and universities, including the Ivy League.  The group further threatened that those Democrats who failed to do so would be named and shamed — or, in today's parlance, doxed.  In my post, I couldn't praise the plan enough, and other conservatives seem to agree.

To appreciate why DJN's approach is being applauded from the right, you need to understand Critical Race Theory (CRT).  CRT asserts that America was created to perpetuate racism, that Whites are inherently racist, that there is systemic racism, and that all White success is due to White privilege.  It is an ideology so toxic that it will destroy this country.

America is a nation predicated upon the belief that all of us are equal before the law and under God.  If Democrats succeed in enforcing CRT across America, we will be a more racist country than we were at the height of slavery — for then, only half the country had slavery, and the other half was willing to die to defeat that institution.

Currently, CRT is the official platform of the Democrat party.  Biden continuously mouths its platitudes; our military is slowly being destroyed as the Pentagon imposes CRT upon it; and academia, the teachers' unions, and the media, a toxic trio that is the backbone of the Democrat party, trumpet it relentlessly and seek to indoctrinate all Americans in its precepts.  Every Democrat who does not publicly denounce CRT is complicit in this scourge.

In other words, the Democrat party's embrace of CRT is so dangerous that it requires full-throttle opposition.  Normally, I deplore doxing.  But when I deplore doxing, I'm thinking of the leftists who successfully destroyed a small pizza parlor because the owner dared to say she didn't see her little ship catering a gay "wedding."  And of course, the entire Democrat establishment tried to ruin Nicholas Sandmann for smiling nervously when an activist banged a drum in his face on the Washington Mall.  Doxing happens to ordinary people who inadvertently violate the left's ever constantly shifting list of shibboleths.  It's like getting the death penalty for littering.

Embracing CRT is not mere "littering."  First, as I noticed, it's dangerous.  Second, as DNJ emphasizes, all Whites who espouse it are hypocrites because none will actually sacrifice his own alleged "White privilege."  There's a whole industry of White people, from Robin DiAngelo down, making massive sums of money going to schools and workplaces telling Blacks they're inferior and Whites they're evil.  The White academics are doing the same, telling White students they're complicit in White privilege while refusing to give their own prestigious jobs to Blacks or other preferred minorities.

And there are tens of thousands of smug White people living in comfortable neighborhoods, sending their children to excellent public or private schools preparatory to a trip to the Ivy Leagues, and sporting "Black Lives Matter" signs on their lawns.  They virtue-signal CRT but wouldn't dream of aligning their money, homes, jobs, and children's comfortable upbringings with that vapid virtue-signaling.  Their mindless platitudes are destroying America, and they need to be made to put up or shut up.

At least, that's what I think.  Steven Hayward seems to agree.

[T]here's actually much to recommend this if you think about it for a moment: what Dallas Justice Now is doing is calling out the smug virtue-signaling of liberal "white allies" and demanding that they put their money (and their children's futures) where their mouth is.

He adds, which I had not thought of:

The benefit of this letter is that it makes explicit what the CRT advocates try to obfuscate, which is that their ultimate aim is radical redistributionism, if not some kind of retribution (but call it "reparations"). In which case I think we should encourage more of this kind of direct, tangible challenge to smug white liberals. It will be fun to watch wealthy white liberal elites squirm as they struggle to say "no" to these demands while maintaining their fierce loyalty to supporting "diversity, equity, and inclusion." I'd like to see "Marin Justice Now" demand that liberal, white, and super-rich Marin County expand their housing opportunities to "underrepresented" groups.

Paul Mirengoff also sees the virtue in what DJN did:

I suppose we can also give DJN back-handed credit for something else. The group has given Dallas-area liberals a feel for the absurdity of the BLM movement. That movement is not just about defunding the police (thereby making people of all races less safe). Nor is it about mildly redistributionist programs of the type that liberals comfortably can get behind.

BLM thinks all successful Whites owe their success to racism. And BLM wants its pound of flesh not just from all successful Whites, but also from their children.


Let's hope that DJN's letter causes left-liberals to reconsider whether they really want to be allies with this extremist and racist movement.

Finally, you've got to love Mark Steyn's take on it:

Image: Dallas Justice Now Facebook page screen grab.

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