Wisconsin takes a big step toward a forensic audit of the 2020 presidential election

This should be good news for all the Democrat media people that are convinced the 2020 presidential election was the fairest ever and that any questioning of that position is a "Big Lie."  Wisconsin is another state that is moving toward proving the truth of their position by undertaking a detailed forensic audit.

Jim Hoft reports for The Gateway Pundit:

Rep. [Janel] Brandtjen is the Chair of the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections. She visited the Maricopa audit earlier this month. On Monday she called for an Arizona-style audit of Wisconsin's November election.

In a statement released Monday (full statement below), she said:

Voters have made it clear that they want a thorough cyber-forensic examination of tabulators, ballot marking devices, and other election equipment, which I will be helping facilitate on behalf of the committee as chair... IP addresses, chain of custody on ballots, and audit trail logs must be thoroughly inspected by cyber-audit technicians... While WI is in the process of an election audit, I will be working to ensure that it is augmented with expertise and resources to ensure a comprehensive, forensic examination.

There's nothing better than hard proof of election integrity, right?  That'll show all those crazy Trump-supporters that there is nothing at all to their suspicions, so let the sun shine in!

Here is Rep. Brandtjen's complete statement:

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