As Ben & Jerry's exits Israel, Miss Universe enters

Assured that their beautiful, sleek contestants won't ruin their health or their teeth snacking on Ben & Jerry's sugary, high-fat ice cream in Israel, officials of the Miss Universe competition delightedly informed truth- and beauty-lovers everywhere:

The Miss Universe Organization, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and the city of Eilat today announced that the 70th MISS UNIVERSE® competition air live from Eilat, Israel in December 2021. The 70th MISS UNIVERSE Competition will once again be hosted by legendary entertainer Steve Harvey on FOX. 

"Israel has been on our shortlist of host countries for a number of years due to its rich history, beautiful landscapes, myriad of cultures and appeal as a global tourist destination," said Paula M. Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization. "As we sought an impressive location for our 70th anniversary celebration, it became clear through our conversations with acting Mayor Lankri and the Israeli Ministry that Israel has the resources and demonstrated the commitment to host MISS UNIVERSE in December. We look forward to deepening our commitment and creating meaningful cultural conversation, connection and understanding through this partnership." 

As the 2020 competition did not take place because of the Wuhan coronavirus, the December 2021 event will undoubtedly attract an especially eager audience in the 160 countries that will air the show either through FOX or Telemundo for the Spanish speakers.

Eilat, the competition's host city, is "Israel's southern gateway, an oasis on the shores of the Red Sea, a meeting point for the sun, desert and sea, and a crossroads between four countries and three continents."  The winter temperature averages around 73° F, so the scantily clad beauties won't be chilly during the competition, which should make them happy.

If the contestants and the visitors need to cool off with ice cream, they can indulge in Israeli ice cream, including some unusual flavors, which, according to a reviewer, are not only healthy but also delicious.

Although the cheese-and-watermelon variety gets our vote for most original, all the flavors we tried, from fresh melon sorbet to their perfect pistachio, were outstandingly delicious. Even their other creative flavors such as orange with olive oil and black salt, challah bread with butter, and the very Mediterranean basil and mozzarella, were binge-worthy. Who knew that ingredients for a pizza could make such a tasty dessert?

Sun, food, beaches, beauty, and hopefully no pandemic.  Though I certainly don't qualify as a contestant — don't ask! — maybe I'll go there just to watch.  And gorge on Israeli challah bread with butter ice cream.  Or Mediterranean basil and mozzarella ice cream.

Total bliss.

Image via Pixabay.

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