The conservative movement doesn't need to be elevating porn stars

Turning Point USA rightly kicked "Conservative Porn Star" Brandi Love out of its conference on Saturday, July 17 in Tampa, Florida.  The mere suggestion that a woman who makes her living by posting pictures of her vulva and anus online to titillate men is somehow "conservative" is a joke.  The porn industry is a poison to our society and culture.  It is the primary reason our culture is crumbling.  The foundation of conservatism is morality.  John Adams, observed, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People."  Our Founding Fathers would not have just removed this woman; they would have thrown her in jail.

Conservatives have fought for decades to rein in the pornography epidemic that has infested our culture, only to have our efforts overturned by leftist judges.  In 1985, President Ronald Reagan (Father of Modern Conservatism) set up a commission to study the detrimental effects pornography had on the American public.  The findings of the commission were as follows: children and adolescents who participate in the production of pornography experience adverse enduring effects, prolonged use of pornography increases beliefs that less common sexual practices are more common, pornography that portrays sexual aggression as pleasurable for the victim increases the acceptance of the use of coercion in sexual relations, acceptance of coercive sexuality appears to be related to sexual aggression in laboratory studies measuring short-term effects, and exposure to violent pornography increases punitive behavior toward women.  Reagan's Surgeon General, Everett Koop concluded, "Although the evidence may be slim, we nevertheless know enough to conclude that pornography does present a clear and present danger to American public health."

As a conservative woman, I am appalled by conservatives defending this woman.  I have two daughters and two sons, whom I am trying my hardest to protect from the cultural rot that is like a monster trying to devour them.  I am raising them with conservative values, and organizations like Turning Point USA are a godsend to conservative families trying to steer their children in the right direction.  A conservative porn star is a dangerous lie.  That lie represents everything from which I want to protect my children.

I want my daughters to grow up in a world where they are not sexualized.  I want to protect their innocence and my sons' innocence from a dark and depraved industry.  By giving Ms. Love a platform of conservatism, we are telling young people it is acceptable to have sex for money in front of a camera, post naked pictures of themselves online, and sexualize and demean women and girls.  Let us not forget that the porn industry promotes rape, incest, bestiality, and child pornography.  Pornhub, the largest internet provider of pornography, allows child porn and snuff pornography on its website.  Even magazines that are considered "soft porn" regularly publish articles glorifying incest and rape.  A study by Dr. Judith Reisman, "Images of Children, Crime and Violence in Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler," reports that "Playboy published 3,045 cartoons, photographs, and illustrations of children under age 18.  Most were girls; 47 percent were ages 3 to 11 and 33 percent were ages 12 to 17.  Two-thirds of children depicted in Playboy were sexualized."  One Playboy cartoon shows Wizard of Oz character Dorothy, post gang-rape by Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion.  Another cartoon features a young girl about age seven emerging from the bedroom of a white-haired, robed man, saying, "You call that being molested?"  And yet many so-called conservatives are defending the idea of a conservative porn star because we need to have a "big tent."  What will be next, then?  A conservative abortionist?  Will that be a big enough tent?

Ms. Love's language sure sounds a lot like that of a leftist Democrat as her response to criticism of her being at a conservative conference shows: "you are religious zealots who sided with self-proclaimed white nationalists because I'm in adult entertainment."  That sounds verbatim like a leftist talking point: If you disagree with me you must be a white nationalist racist religious zealot.  And some conservatives are defending her, like actor Nick Searcy, who somehow envisions a woman who posts pictures of herself masturbating as a champion of the Constitution.  The ridiculousness of blue-check conservatives supporting this woman makes one question if they are actually conservative or just trying to make a name for themselves.

The fact that we as conservatives have to have this conversation reveals exactly how much trouble our country is in.  Conservatives are supposed to have the upper hand on morality, yet here we are, with conservatives defending porn stars and dissembling on perversities like Drag Queen Story Hour, genital-mutilating surgery for children and adults who say they're the "wrong sex," and pornographic "sex ed" being taught to children in schools.  If we make our conservative tent so big that anything goes, we will no longer be conservative, and nothing will be left for our children but the rotten, perverted upheaval of a once-great nation.

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