A Capitol Police officer who's a BLM activist?

Among the many weeping people paraded before the House on Tuesday to testify about how deeply traumatizing it was for conservatives, rather than the usual left-wing activists, to protest at the Capitol, was one Harry Dunn, a giant of a man who claimed that he was intensely traumatized by the fact that protesters called him the "N" word.  The horror of it all!  Except there's reason to believe that Dunn may have been lying.  There's no footage of this alleged racial outrage.  Additionally, it turns out that Dunn is a BLM activist, a Trump-hater, and a supporter of political violence — his political violence, not your free speech or protest.

Leftists were incredibly affected by Officer Dunn's testimony.  As far as they were concerned, he proved that not only were the people at the Capitol on January 6 (who killed no one, looted nothing, and set no fires) the worst mob ever in the history of America, but they were racist.  Before that horrible day, he said, "No one had ever, ever called me n----- while wearing the uniform of a Capitol Police officer."

The way I read those words, Dunn is saying that none of his fellow Capitol Police officers called him "n-----," but, apparently, they did so on January 6.  Shame on them!

But that's the grammarian in me, poking fun at his dangling modifier.  Clearly, what he meant is that January 6 was the first time since he became a Capitol Police officer that a member of the public had treated him that way.  But is that the truth?  There's reason not to believe him.

First, there's no footage of a heavily videotaped event — videotaped by leftist provocateurs in the crowd, media types, FBI informants, FBI agents, as well as by the protesters.  It's certain that, if the first four in that list had such footage, they would have handed it over to the Capitol Police.  Likewise, when the FBI began its post–Reichstag Fire hunt for anybody even near the Capitol on January 6, had such footage existed, they would have found it.

This reminds me strongly of the Tea Party protests in 2010 when Democrats claimed that Tea Party members yelled the N-word at members of the Congressional Black Caucus.  Again, this was an event that everyone and his uncle were recording.  However, even when the late, great Andrew Breitbart offered a $10,000 reward for anyone who could prove that Tea Partiers had hurled racist insults, no one came forward to claim the money.  It almost seemed as if the whole thing was a slanderous lie.  Dunn's statement has the same feel.

Second, Dunn flat-out lied about fellow officer Brian Sicknick's death, claiming that protesters beat him to death.  According to the D.C. medical examiner, Sicknick died of a stroke — a tragedy, to be sure, but not the same as being beaten to death by a mob.

Third, Dunn is a Trump-hater who found it incredibly funny when Trump's Secret Service agents thought he was at risk of being assassinated:

By extension, this means that he hates Trump supporters.

Fourth, and we're getting to the motive behind the lies and bias, Dunn is an ardent Black Lives Matter–supporter:

Dunn is one of those "to a hammer everything is a nail" guys who sees racism everywhere:

Oh, and Dunn's horror, his absolute horror about political violence?  Well, that was faked, too.  He thought it was fine when it was Kenosha burning, something that he classified merely as "property damage":

Dunn was obviously saying that Kyle Rittenhouse was guilty of murder just to defend property — but of course, the evidence shows that Rittenhouse was defending his life against some murderous perverts trying to kill him.  And it wasn't just property damage in Kenosha, something that sounds like a keyed car or a smashed window.  The damage in Kenosha, which is not a wealthy community, totaled more than $50 million, with innumerable Black-owned businesses destroyed.

Given Dunn's insouciance about property damage in Kenosha and claiming that it didn't justify murder, it's strange to hear him defend the murder of Ashli Babbitt as an appropriate response to minimal property damage on the Hill.

What's currently happening in the Capitol building is political theater of the kind in which tyrants routinely engage to distract people from the tyrants' own corruption and brutality. Dunn was just an actor in the show, reciting the lines he was told to say.  The problem for the casting director is that Dunn is a lousy actor with a résumé that belies all his poorly mouthed claims.

Image: Harry Dunn, hanging with his good pal, Nancy Pelosi. Source unknown.

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