Return to mask theater

To say the almost daily hysteria over the COVID-19 pandemic is getting old would be a gross understatement.  We are well past the point of COVID deaths starting to decline nationwide, yet tyrannical Democrats cannot let go of the power they coveted and stole.  With that power, they changed voting procedures in a presidential election; opened our borders to COVID-infected illegal aliens; and upset and sometimes destroyed communities, businesses, and the lives of American citizens, while under the questionable guise of defending public health.  Like an addict, many of our elected Democrat officials now live for just one more fix of the drug of control they desperately crave.

Just this past May, the CDC announced that, at last, we could remove our virtually useless masks indoors because the salvation of the vaccine for COVID-19 was finally here.  Thankfully, we wouldn't have to endure the inability to breathe deeply, nor listen as an increasingly feeble-minded president lectured us to "wear the damn mask!"  People truly rejoiced, planned vacations, parties, and other celebrations that had been put on hold while we, allegedly "flattened the curve" last year.

Never mind that COVID illnesses and fatalities had been declining for months.  The CDC finally gave us the all-clear for ditching masks, but only for fully vaccinated people, which was an incentive to get the vaccine for those who hadn't done so already.  From the time he took office as president, Mr. Biden sternly ordered us to get the vaccine, and many complied, but not in the numbers that he demanded.  Nevertheless, it appeared as though COVID was finally fading away.  Some got the vaccine; some didn't, but life was normalizing, and the number of deaths was declining regardless.  Some people finally saw that, despite the shrill voices on the left, COVID was little more than a bad flu with a survival rate of around 99.9% for most people under 70 years old, according to the CDC.

Then, just two days ago, in a head-turning about-face, the CDC, without any supporting science, declared that masks were "recommended" (i.e., mandates were green-lit) for indoor use because 1) not enough Americans were vaccinated and 2) the scary delta variant was surging, albeit in very small numbers that didn't merit the panic, nor a return to masks.  In fact, Sen. Rand Paul cited numbers that show that the variant has a 0.08% mortality rate, and that was only among unvaccinated people.  While it's true that the D.V. is more contagious, it is not more lethal.  The tacit reason for the return to masks was that President Biden didn't get his desired number of people vaccinated, so the CDC would play bad cop and force all Americans, vaccinated or not, to comply.  It's because you were bad that we can't have nice things!

So the Democrats in many of the cities and states they continue to misgovern geared up, once again, to strong-arm their citizens to endure masks and "get the damn shot!"  Keep in mind that there was never any proof that wearing a mask prevented either the spread or the reception of COVID-19.  In fact, several studies concluded that they were either ineffective or harmful for a host of reasons, especially for children.  Yet we were supposed to ignore that because "The Party of Science" believed masks were necessary to wear at all times (except for their own members such as Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi), and that everyone above the age of 12 should submit and take the non-FDA-approved vaccine.  Science didn't change, and neither did the percentage of deaths.  Mr. Biden wants high numbers, and we'll all suffer until he gets them.

It's obvious that Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Biden's reliable mouthpiece who runs the CDC, didn't consult anything close to science when she announced this turn-around to recommending/ordering masks again.  She just followed her marching orders to return control to the new overlords of our society.  We will comply or else.

It's past time for us to remind our elected officials, especially those on the left, that they work for us, and they aren't our rulers, much to the dismay of the current crop of Democrats.  Americans are rightfully outraged at this scare tactic that has been overplayed and shows no end, nor goalposts that signal our victory.

Photo credit: https://www.nursetogether.comCC BY-SA 4.0 license.

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