Masks, masks, masks! I'm so sick of masks

"The greatest evil in the world will not be carried out by men with guns, but by men in suits sitting behind desks." —C.S. Lewis

One would think that now that Fauci's emails have been released and reveal that he knew and told those close to him that masks do nothing to prevent COVID, everyone would stop wearing them.  But no.  The mask Nazis are alive and well, giving the evil eye to anyone they see without one, even if riding his bike alone in the fresh air.  Despite the CDC's advisory many months ago that they are no longer necessary outside (they never were), the mask-dependent cannot give up their masks.  What's interesting is that it's leftist Democrats who are the face-covered mask police and conservatives who are done with them.

What can possibly explain this weird left-right disparity?  Let's see...  Could it be that leftists love Big Government and willingly submit to its control over every aspect of their lives?  Conservatives, on the other hand, revere the Constitution, with its guaranteed freedoms and reverence for individual liberty.  Leftists willingly embrace the easy compliance that leads to servitude; conservatives resist submission to the state.

Throughout this pandemic, those in charge always claimed to follow the science.  In reality, the lefty tyrants who want to control us all preferred scientism, an exaggerated trust in the efficacy of the methods of natural science applied to all areas of investigation (as in philosophy, the social sciences, and the humanities).  Scientism is just another -ism, like racism, extremism, and sexism.  It means whatever the person using the term wants it to mean, and those definitions can vary widely depending on who is using them and whom they mean to indict.

We've learned from Fauci's and many (not all) of his correspondents' emails that they have embraced scientism and abandoned the scientific method.  They've played with viruses as kids play with chemistry sets — without regard for consequences.  As for masks, there was never any science that dictated they be mandated.  On the contrary, there are countless studies that prove their ineffectiveness.  Fauci said as much early on in 2020 and said it often to his email pals.

Ted Rall, a hard leftist, nevertheless wrote a good column about the "Fear of an Unmasked Nation" in which he notes that, as of June 2020, 86% of Democrats wore face masks whenever they left their homes compared to only 46% of Republicans!  Far too many people are still afraid to go maskless, even when by themselves outdoors, even when shown the studies that pronounce them useless.

It is Democrats who have rushed to be vaccinated after vowing not to when Trump brought the vaccines to market.  Curiously, it is these vaxxed Dems who continue to wear masks and insist that everyone around them do so as well.  Clearly, they are not completely confident that the vaccines work.  They are still fearful, possibly for good reason because the jabs are experimental and untested.

As for the unvaccinated, they theoretically propose no danger to the vaccinated and, as other studies have shown, cannot spread COVID if asymptomatic.  The vaccine-resistant may have the last laugh.  "Breakthrough cases," those among the fully vaccinated, are rising.

Ted Rall closes his column by noting that the masks are not a medical imperative, but pure virtue-signaling, a fashion accessory like the red ribbons all those celebrities wear when on camera.  Perhaps wearers are just demonstrating that they are anti-Trump.  That annoying little twerp David Hogg confessed that he wears a mask only for that reason.

Nevertheless, the execrable, soon to be recalled Governor Newsom of California has said students returning to public schools in the fall must wear masks!  Unless he rescinds this ridiculous order, chances are there will be thousands of parents who take up homeschooling or leave the state.  For young kids to be forced to wear masks for an entire school day is beyond stupid; it is dangerous.  They are neither effective nor safe.

Leftists characteristically are certain about their highly evolved superiority compared to those evil, racist, mentally challenged conservatives.  This is true for congressional Democrats, too.  They are as confident in their moral supremacy as Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and the denizens of the Frankfurt School were certain that only they were intellectually qualified to rule over those common people they so disdained.

Marx, for example, hated workers and purposely had little contact with them.  The same goes for all dictators: they hate people and, viewing them as expendable, are comfortable committing genocide "for the greater good."

The Biden administration similarly seems to hate the American people and purposefully floods the nation with migrants, thousands of whom are criminals, and, to fulfill the open border promise, has subjected those migrants to the horrors the cartels perpetrate against them to bring them here.  Every policy this administration has implemented has been cataclysmic.

To accept the nonsensical mask mandates that stupidly prevail in blue states when the pandemic is clearly over is analogous to being a sheep willingly going to slaughter.  Man up, people!  Throw away the face diapers.  They do far more harm than good.

Nelson Mandela said, "When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw."  Be a proud mask outlaw.

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