Kamala's terrible, no-good, awful response when asked about the border

Kamala Harris, even more than Barack Obama before her, attained her position, not because of any inherent abilities or experience, but because she met the left's racial and sex metrics.  That she is not now, and probably never will be, ready for prime time has been made obvious thanks to Biden's decision to hand her responsibility for the mess that Biden made of America's southern border.

In an interview with a very friendly Lester Holt, Kamala again revealed how vapid she is.  When she should be intellectually nimble, she is, instead, always caught flat-footed.  The only good thing to come out of it was Tucker Carlson's wonderful riff about her manifest incompetence.

As a former Californian, I've long known about Kamala Harris.  I know that it was her affair with Willie Brown, the brilliant Black political godfather of California (and former San Francisco mayor) that got her started in politics.  As I like to say, she slept her way to the middle.  Both as a district attorney and, later, California's attorney general, she was famous for being unprincipled, but nevertheless appropriate as a vaguely Black female.

I also know people who know people.  One of my friends, who was politically incredibly well connected, told me that Kamala is none too bright.  In his estimation, she owed her political ascension entirely to having Willie Brown guide her.  Sure, that's hearsay, but it's consistent with her performance over the years. My guess is that it was Brown who came up with Kamala's successful "I was that little girl" attack on Biden early in the primaries. 

It's also my guess that now that she's in the White House, Kamala can't call on Willie Brown anymore, leaving her adrift.  That's why she's avoiding her responsibility regarding the border: she has no idea what to do because, politically, the border has become a hot potato.  While the Democrat base likes having an open border, most Americans don't — including the Hispanic citizens of McAllen, Texas, who just voted in a Republican mayor.  It's a tricky situation for a Democrat politician, and Kamala's pedestrian brain can't grapple with it.

Maybe I sound unkind but, honestly, there's no other way to explain how she responded when NBC's Lester Holt ever so gently pressed her about her failure to go to the border.  Without Jen Psaki to give her a good excuse ("She got a snack!"), Kamala fell back on her usual weapons when at a loss: prolonged silences, cackles, stupid statements, and repetition (starting at 4:30 in):

By the way, did you notice how faded she sounded?  Monica Showalter is right that there's something wrong.

Finally, for a comprehensive and deserved attack on the banal and unqualified woman standing on the verge of becoming president, you can't do better than Tucker Carlson's Tuesday-night monologue:

Image: Kamala Harris.  Twitter screen grab.

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