Ilhan Omar and secretary of state Blinken don't like America

America welcomed Ilhan Omar, a refugee from Somalia's destructive civil wars.  It gave her a place to live, an education, and a chance to sit in the most powerful governing body in the world, the United States Congress.  Meanwhile, Anthony Blinken, a man of seemingly limited talent and ability, is now secretary of state, with vast power over America's foreign policy.  Both, however, don't seem too fond of America.

Omar's disdain for America is separate from her equally openly expressed anti-Semitism.  The fact is, though, that anti-Semites can still be patriots who love this country.  Certainly, Omar, considering all the good that's flowed to her since she arrived in America, would ordinarily be, if not patriotic, at least fond of America.  But that's not how Omar rolls.  Her allegiance remains elsewhere.

After all, this is a woman who, when speaking of 9/11, a surprise attack against two major civilian population centers — New York and D.C. — that cruelly slaughtered 2,996 people, can't bring herself to describe it as an Islamic attack on America or even a generic attack on America.  Instead, it becomes "some people did something."

By the way, Google-owned YouTube tries to soften how grotesque that remark is by making sure to position fact-checks front and center:

However, the fact-checks, by highlighting Omar's larger point, which was to describe CAIR's founding, cannot erase her inability to state forthrightly that CAIR got nervous (even though, subject to a very few exceptions, Americans were not attacking Muslims) because Islam and 9/11 were a matched set.  You can see that Omar's anger is not for the people who slaughtered 2,996 innocents, but for the panicked fear that the Muslim connection might have some repercussions.

And there's Blinken, who is big on castigating America for her flawed racial history.  He actually said we'll be stronger in dealing with China if we address "profound inequities, including systemic racism."  He's foolishly trying to bring schoolyard reparative justice (which children loathe) to America's foreign policy.

Both Omar's and Blinken's latest unforced display of anti-Americanism showed up in a video Omar posted on Twitter on Tuesday in which she asked Blinken a question about international justice.  Before you even get to the video, look at how Omar described her question:

Here, let me parse it for you (emphasis mine):

We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity.

We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban.

I must have missed the "unthinkable atrocities" that the U.S. committed, constituting "crimes against humanity" (or Israel, for that matter, once when strips away the propaganda and sees the truth about a nation that, more than any other, makes an effort to protect civilians).

Interestingly, if you watch the video, Omar doesn't mention justice for the U.S.'s "unthinkable atrocities" constituting "crimes against humanity."  However, Blinken, in his response, pairs America with Israel as two countries that, while they shouldn't be subject to the International Criminal Court, with a "Security Council referral," nevertheless should be called upon to defend the charges against them.

I still can't get over the fact that our government is in the hands of people who so deeply despise our country.

Image: Ilhan Omar.  Twitter screen grab.

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