A mixed-race couple stands athwart Critical Race Theory and yells 'stop'

Much to Barack Obama's dismay, increasing numbers of Americans are wising up to the fact that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is dangerous and that, if it's allowed to continue to infect our institutions (especially our schools), it will rip America to pieces.  It's an effort to turn America into the Balkans, Rwanda, Nazi Germany, or any other place destroyed by the obsessive focus on racial distinctions.  Not only is CRT dangerous, but it's also stupid and demeaning, a wonderful point brought to the fore by a short film entitled Re-Segregating America.

The video begins by intercutting audio of Oak Park, Illinois school board members making Nazi-esque pronouncements about the White race with comments from a darling couple — he's White, she's Black — talking about their love and respect for each other and the difficulty of raising kids when CRT takes over schools.

The movie formally introduces Martin Kokoszka, a White physical education teacher in Chicago public schools, and his wife Takyrica, a Black math teacher in Chicago public schools, by letting Martin tell how he fell in love with Takyrica.  He didn't see her as a member of a group.  He saw her as the marvelous individual she is.  It leaves you a little choked up.

Martin and Takyrica explain how wonderful it's been to live in Oak Park, a friendly community where race didn't matter — unlike being in Chicago itself, where people sometimes stare at them.  In the 1960s, Oak Park was the first Chicago community that didn't have White flight when Blacks moved in.  Instead, it actively embraced desegregation, something its residents viewed with great pride.  It was genuinely "liberal," rather than the racist leftism that misuses the word "liberal" today.

It turns out that leftists, including those who have taken over the school board, are accusing Oak Park of being a bastion of White supremacy.  There's no doubt that Black students are not doing well in the schools, but Takyrica thinks CRT, which Oak Park schools have allowed to overrun the system, is an excuse to ignore the significant problems that are more complex and harder to address.  The couple notes that all CRT does in practical terms is take away from time for ordinary education.

I'll stop now because I'll just narrate the whole movie.  It's only 12 minutes long and worth every minute because it so perfectly exposes the cheap grace CRT confers on its proponents and the lasting damage it does to both children and communities.

I'll throw in one more point here, which I've made often since I moved to the Southeast: I have seen more mixed-race friends, couples, and children in my two years in the Southeast, which is conservative, than I saw in my previous many decades in the self-righteously "liberal" (read: leftist) San Francisco Bay Area.  I still gawp at this racial harmony because it's so healthy and natural.

The community in which I live today is racially integrated because people have shared values about the neighborhood in which they want to raise their children or live out their retirement.  Color doesn't matter; values do.  That's the way a school, neighborhood, or nation should be — but that's not the way the left can attain and maintain power, and it will Balkanize America unless we stop it.  You might figure out ways to stem this racist tide by checking out Free Black Thought, a website that seeks to see Blacks as individuals, not political pawns.

Image: Resegregating America.  YouTube screen grab.

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