Critical Race Theory, teachers, school boards, and parents

This post wanders from the Midwest to a D.C. suburb, but the locations really have no geographic relevance because we're witnessing the same thing playing out in public schools across America.  It's also got a lot of tweets, because they tell the story in real-time, with important videos.  Stick with it, because the bottom line is important: parents are beginning to realize that the institutions that they fund and to which they've entrusted their children are indoctrinating their children with racist, Marxist theories.  Moreover, when challenged, they will react like cornered rats and call upon the police state to protect themselves.

To begin with, you must see the Critical Race Training forced on Iowa School System teachers.  The training is aggressively partisan in tone, as well as being racist and Marxist.  (Hat tip: Twitchy.)  After you've looked at these tweets (skimming them is fine), keep reading this post, because I'll have more evidence of the battle between public schools and the public:

While many attendees doubtless sit in those CRT training sessions stoically listening as a way to keep their jobs, many teachers take this seriously.  They believe that it is their Gaia-given right to use their classrooms to indoctrinate the students in their care.

The teacher in the video below, who is from Iowa (so ignore the language about Texas), is an example of people who take the training to heart, helped, no doubt, by the endless indoctrination they experienced at college.  They then use their authority in the classroom (and their control over students' grades) to brainwash America's children with material that violates laws against partisan education; racism; and, in Iowa, CRT indoctrination:

Parents are beginning to understand what is going on.  White parents realize that their children are on the receiving end of the same heinous racism the Nazis used against the Jews in German classrooms in the 1930s.  Everything taught in that class is intended to stir up visceral, violent hatred against Whites and Republicans.  Black parents of goodwill understand that what's happening is every bit as dehumanizing as the old Jim Crow system.  Moreover, as Lincoln said, "a house divided against itself cannot stand" — and they would prefer not to live in an imploding nation.

One of the Ground Zeroes for parents pushing back has been Loudoun County in Virginia, which was an early adopter of Critical Race Theory.  The first overt evidence of its departure from American values and sanity was its decision to ban Dr. Seuss.  Not long after, we learned that current and former teachers within the school district had plotted to attack parents who were opposing them (in case you were wondering where the Iowa teacher got the idea to stage her little Marxist rebellion).

Parents have been pushing back.  They've been doing so because they believe that, by electing school officials and paying for school salaries, they are the ones in the driver's seat.  At the Loudoun County school board meeting on Tuesday, though, the school board swiftly asserted its dominance by shutting down a public meeting and having attendees arrested.  You can see the narrative unfold in these tweets.

Before the meeting, 200 gathered to protest CRT:

Meanwhile, across the street, another 100 gathered to oppose ending CRT and demand a transgender policy:

The room was packed, for people wanted to have their say.  Note that the school board wants to go down the unicorn slide of transgenderism, while parents care about classes telling their children that they are evil, defective racists:

There was no way that the petty despots on the school board were going to listen to challenges to their policy, so they shut down the meeting:

Parents were outraged.  Instead of looting the place and throwing rocks at the school board, which was the appropriate form of protest all through 2020, they loudly made their displeasure known — and then sang the National Anthem:

Thinking about it, things might have ended differently if the parents had reacted with greater destructive violence.  However, because they were essentially peaceful in their defense of their country and values, the school board sicced the cops on them:

Those sheriffs seem like the same type of "law enforcement" officers who groveled before BLM last year.  They obviously don't like it when criminals or BLM and Antifa (but I repeat myself) attack them.  However, if push comes to shove, an inordinate percentage of law enforcement personnel are Democrats who will side against the people.

Why?  Because they're unionized.  Government unions in America are inherently corrupt because the unions have become a money-laundering factory for Democrats.  And union members know that the Democrats will keep them fat and happy with generous, taxpayer-funded salaries and pensions in return for a cut.

It's time for those Americans who believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, the traditional role of American government (small), non-partisan education, and a colorblind society to throw their hats in the ring for school board.  We know from the election in Southlake, Texas that when they do so, they win — not by a little, but by a landslide.

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