Then they took a poll

Not long ago, the Democrats walked out of the Texas legislative session over the voting law.  They made a bunch of claims about voter intimidation and all the other stuff you are probably familiar with.

Then someone took a poll, and the public was not impressed with their arguments.

This is the new poll via Pal Bedard:

The new survey is somewhat of a blow to the mainstream narrative that the public wants easy and expanded access to voting and doesn't believe reports of fraud during the 2020 voting process.

Monmouth said the most notable finding was that 8 in 10 adults want voter ID. Just 18% oppose it.

As someone said, 80% is a big majority.  Now let's go inside the numbers:

Support for requiring a photo ID to vote stands at 62% among Democrats, 87% among independents, and 91% among Republicans.

I am happy about the poll, but it amazes me that the Democrats think voters are so stupid.  Frankly, they don't know their own voters, as we see from that 62% number.

We live in a culture where you need an ID to get on a plane and many other things.  Why would we not want voting to be as secure as possible?  After all, we are voting for people who make decisions over our taxes and the regulations that we live under.

Forget H.R. 1 or Manchin's bill.  It is not happening, largely because the voters understand that voting is precious and can smell a bad law from coast to coast.

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Image: MarkBuckawicki.

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