COVID-19 vaccines and the push for therapeutic nihilism

The fundamental question about the current Covid-19 vaccinations is not whether they are safe and effective. This, however, is the wrong question. The more telling question is why those with power are forcing vaccines on us as the only permissible solution to SARS-COV-2. A partial answer to this question comes from insights that Dr. Peter McCullough offered in his recent testimony before the Texas State HHS Committee – and what he says has to do with things other than medical efficacy.

McCullough, an Internist, Cardiologist, and Professor at Texas A&M Medical School, is one of the most widely cited physicians in the history of peer-reviewed medical literature. Not only this, McCullough himself got SARS-COV-2 in the fall and used on himself the same protocol he recommends to his patients. McCullough has defended the long-lasting and stable durability of the antibodies for SARS-COV-2. He has also provided a critical account of our response to the pandemic, one which he coins as “therapeutic nihilism.”

To McCullough, America’s full response to the pandemic was already determined back in early May of 2020. Innovative attempts to create early treatment protocols were almost universally shelved. Instead, all the eggs went into the basket of the vaccine. Vaccinations were now pushed as the silver bullet. Growing mechanisms of control developed, the aim of which was to delegitimize any attempts to examine or utilize significant and effective early treatment protocols to fight the virus.

Thus, the first reason why vaccinations became the only permissible solution to SARS-COV-2 was because the public health bureaucracy decided this by fiat. This fact was fully on display in our societal response to those who contracted the virus.

The message for the sick would be something unprecedented in the recent medical tradition: Patients would be advised that there was nothing that could be done for them until they were at death’s door. The dereliction of duty at the heart of therapeutic nihilism meant that someone who received a positive PCR test would simply be informed to go home, rest, and then go to the ER if things ever got really bad.

The standardization of therapeutic nihilism also revealed something more disturbing that helps to explain further why the vaccines have been pushed with such ferociousness. By March 2020, there were already curious trends regarding the COVID narrative. In a March 17, 2020, article in Stat, Stanford epidemiologist Dr. John Ioannidis, made the prophetic case that the response to SARS-COV-2 would eventually be revealed for what it is -- a “once in a century evidence fiasco.” To Ioannidis, the scientific and medical tradition that formed the foundation for how to respond to pandemics was quickly trashed. It was replaced by a juggernaut the saw constant, decontextualized information intentionally deployed to inculcate fear narratives.

Why, though, were global mechanisms being utilized in this way? The answer is as simple as it is unsettling. The response to the pandemic was meant to accelerate the conditions of a social and political ecosystem that attacks the virtue of prudential judgment. In his most recent book, Joshua Mitchell has succinctly summarized this psychological context for which the pandemic response has helped to solidify:

Citizens are not, after all, competent enough to exercise prudential judgment about how to care for themselves, their families, or their neighbors. They must leave that to the global managers.... [E]very day citizens will surely die if they dare attempt to figure things out by themselves or together with those around them. (P. 237)

SARS-COV-2 has given immediacy to the deeper challenge before us. We’ve seen that liberal democratic regimes are unstable because “truths could no longer be perceived, ideas could no longer be thought, experiences could no longer be had, and no one would ever know what he was missing.

Thankfully, however, this deeply existential threat has not entirely succeeded in squashing the truth. Politics as a power grab is revealing itself for what it really is; namely, an attempt to transform human life based upon no other standard than the globalist collective will.

McCullough, along with other innovative physicians such as the Front-Line Covid Critical Care Alliance, has demonstrated that there are real grounds for confidence in effectively combating the virus through early treatment protocols. Multi-drug treatment therapies have been highly effective, as can also be seen in the practices of Drs. Brian Tyson and George Fareed, and Dr. Shankara Chetty in South Africa. Using drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine, the anti-viral Ivermectin, and Antihistamines, along with regular doses of Vitamins D, C, Zinc, Quercitin, corticosteroids, Melatonin, and aspirin should be seen as one set of actual treatments that vastly eliminate deaths and hospitalizations.

What these courageous physicians have revealed is that the possibility of discovering the truth is still alive in the democratic age – and that when a politician tells you that the only solution is a vaccine, or we’re all going to die, he may have an ulterior motive.

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