'Vaccine Resisters' are proving hard to convince

Even though state leaders across the country have been offering massive incentives to drum up business ("Get a shot, win the lottery!"), the CDC has been reporting a continuing drop in injections since March 31.  The nonstop campaign to encourage those with "vaccine hesitancy" to roll up their sleeves is turning out to be a dismal failure. 

Shots have declined from 4,304,851 on April 1 to 673,280 on June 19, an 84% drop from the peak.

There's even a website that lists hundreds of incentives and bonuses from vaccine locations and corporations pushing their employees to get the shots.

CVS Pharmacy is running ads on the internet promoting "OneStepCloser Sweepstakes," and now your 12-year-old child can get the shot, too!  However, there is no mention of the myocarditis (serious heart infection) concerns for young men 18–30...

Numbers vary, but Florida alone is estimating that it has over 8 million doses close to expiration, and other states are reporting they've only used half of their allotments and are scrambling to find arms to inject.

We are told that even one day after the expiration date, the vaccines are not to be used, since "[s]ome vaccines have a shorter shelf life, and some are very sensitive to temperature."  Hmmm — who's lining up to get a dose on day zero?  Are you sure your refrigerator is cold enough?

We hear that the expired vaccines are considered a biohazard.  "Providers destroy the unused vaccine by using the biohazardous waste bags," Teresa Bartlett, M.D., senior medical officer at Sedgwick, tells Verywell.  The medical waste is then typically handled and disposed of properly by a contracted biohazardous waste company."

Bartlett adds that people should not worry about encountering vaccine waste: "Remember there is no threat to the public with this unused vaccine as it does not have any live or dead viral particles contained in it."

Wait a minute — there are no live or dead viral particles in the vaccines?  Then they are not vaccines.  So what's in the syringes, and why are the contents a biohazard?

Who are all these "hesitant" people?  Billboards tell us we need to take the injection so we can hug our grandmothers, but what if there was a chance their shot could cause their unborn child to be miscarried? 

The internet is flooded with reports of side effects not just from taking the COVID injections, but simply by being around someone else who has gotten the shot.  Women, in particular, are reporting horrific side-effects such as heavy vaginal bleeding, unusual menstrual cycles, miscarriages, and stillbirths just hours or days after being exposed to people who have gotten the shot. 

So if you're moved by the offer of free lottery tickets or a free doughnut at Krispy Kreme, that's fine, but the reason vaccine injections are rapidly declining in popularity is that people are not as stupid as you think, Dr. Fauci.  They read even censored news reports and understand that it's not a good idea to gamble your life on an unproven injection for a disease where the survival rate for people below 70 years old is above 99.8%.

Your odds of winning the cash or prizes may vary among the different states, but the odds of coming in second are clearly understood.  They include trips to urgent care or the hospital, allergic reactions, heart attacks, miscarriages, and even sudden death.  No other "vaccine" in history has shown such a horrific level of serious side effects.

"Hesitancy" or just plain old common sense?

Image: CDC.

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