Kamala Harris racks up a big list of failures for fraudy old Joe

The Biden administration announced it would fall short of its goal of getting 70% of the population vaccinated for COVID by early July.

Score another "fail" for Biden's point woman, Kamala Harris.

According to this gushing Forbes report from early June:

President Joe Biden on Wednesday tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to lead a national vaccination tour as part of a “month of action” to boost slowing vaccination rates – adding to an expanding list of herculean tasks assigned to the vice president.

Well, she didn't succeed. Here's the news she brought back to doddering old Joe:

The White House COVID response team announced Tuesday the U.S. will not hit President Joe Biden's goal of getting 70% of all adults ages 18 and older vaccinated with at least one shot by the symbolic July Fourth holiday.

Earlier this month, Biden had called for a national "month of action" -- an "all-America sprint" to reach the goal and a "summer of freedom."

"We can do this," Biden said.

The press is reporting that vaccine hesitancy, particularly among the young, is keeping people away, for one thing.

Not even lotteries and free stuff, as some states are offering, are making a difference, either. Biden just figured that if he sent Kamala on the road, all would be fixed. 

Well, it wasn't fixed, at least not for Joe. Heckuva job, Kammie!

And no, she never addressed young people's issues, which was the problem of blood clots and high incidences of heart failure which is but one reason why young people are saying 'no.' Weighing the risk of COVID, which kills virtually no one who is young, against a life-changing heart condition or even death (with no possibility of suing), is kind of an easy decision for the vaccine-hesitant. What's more, Kamala had expressed vaccine hesitancy herself when President Trump was in office. If the vaccine was 'bad' then, why would it be 'good' under Joe Biden? And heck, why do we even have these vaccine 'goals' like the Soviet tsentral planners do? Maybe if she had honestly addressed these things instead of take Instagram posts, there would be more confidence.

The amazing thing is, it's not her only failure. S.1, the election-rigging bill put out by the Democrats eager to legitimize their skeevy 2020 victories and ensure that Republicans can never challenge them at election time, went down in flames last night in the Senate. Democrats yelled that "democracy is at stake" and somehow the republic manages to chug on.

Democrats, at least, are noticing how useless she is, according to this report in the Guardian:

After the Democrats’ major voting rights bill was killed in the Senate by a GOP filibuster yesterday, some Democratic progressives are hinting that the White House should have done more to prevent the defeat. They argue that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris could have done more with their bully pulpit to increase attention and urgency around the bill. The White House, in turn, is arguing that they have done plenty to spotlight the legislation.

Mondaire Jones, a congressman from New York, has been one of the more critical Democrats, telling the Associated Press that Barack Obama, who has been pushing for voting rights legislation, “has been doing more to salvage our ailing democracy than the current president of the United States.”

“[Biden] is someone who has all the resources available to him as the most powerful person in the world to rally members of his own party to at least make an exception to the filibuster for purposes of saving our democracy,” Jones told CNN.

Harris actually claimed that she wanted this job. What did she do in this job? Nothing. Thanks, Kamala, say the Republicans.

Lastly, there's her failure to resolve the migrant surge, claiming that she was only looking for "root causes" and doing "head of state" diplomacy. That "border czar" thing has fallen flat, not just based on her failed trip to Guatemala and Mexico, where both presidents rebuked her, while she looked haggard and ill prepared, she also failed to answer a softball question from NBC News's Lester Holt about visiting the border, breaking out in giggles and cackles instead of answering him. She didn't even consult Central America's Catholic bishops, who, according to this argument, could have helped her.  On the border, she's a mess. 

Which raises the question about her political opponents, who urge Joe Biden to replace her. With someone that idiotic, racking up task after task of failure, maybe they should be calling on Biden to keep her. Everything she touches seems to turn to (bad stuff) on Joe's command. She's proving herself to be impressively useless. Maybe she should stay right where she is to ensure that Joe can't destroy the country owing to her incompetence.

Her failures are starting to pile high for Joe. What a lemon.

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