Bill Maher continues to give voice to rational leftists

It’s doubtful that Bill Maher will ever change his politics. He believes absolutely in fundamental leftist principles about how government should operate (and, of course, abortion). However, he’s not a fool and he realizes that leftists, drunk with power, have become their own worst enemies. Most recently, he went after Lin-Manuel Miranda, the talented composer of Hamilton, because Miranda groveled after the leftist mob attacked him for having the wrong colored people in the film adaption of his musical, In the Heights.

Most of you are probably familiar with Hamilton, even if you haven’t seen the show or heard the music. Miranda was so inspired after reading Ron Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton, that he sat right down and composed what I call a “popra” – that is, like an opera, the whole thing is sung (or chanted or rapped) only with modern, rather than classical, music.

What made Hamilton stand out was the choice to exclude White people from the cast. In theory, that was a brilliant idea because it’s a reminder that the principles of America’s founding are applicable to all people of all races. The ideas of individual liberty and limited government are colorblind. They were the best ideas that brilliant men could come up with. America’s shame came from withholding this government from Blacks. Now, thankfully, these ideas are available to all in America – and again, the casting suggested that.

However, thanks to the death last year of a drug-addled ex-con, the left has dragged America with incredible force away from those ideas. Instead of being a colorblind nation bound together by a brilliant political philosophy, Critical Race Theory demands that America become a racially segregated nation with non-White victims engaged in a permanent vendetta against evil White oppressors. It doesn’t matter that there’s no factual case for this narrative. Because racial schism is the vehicle by which leftists believe they can finally impose Marxism on America, reality must step aside.

Those of us who read American Thinker and other conservative sites fight against Critical Race Theory. Democrats, progressives, and other leftists, however, must bow before it or be exiled from their community. This matters a great deal because their community is how they define their morals, their intelligence, their accomplishments, and their friendship groups. Miranda is firmly a man of the left.

When the race mob got a glimpse of the film production of Miranda’s In the Heights, it concluded that the minorities in the movie were too light-skinned. Miranda, instead of telling the face hustlers to go back to their parents’ basements, did the worst thing possible: He apologized, writing an endless, groveling Twitter statement abasing himself before the basement dwellers:

Bill Maher was not impressed. That vein of common sense that runs through his leftism says that you cannot bow to the mob:

“Please, stop apologizing. You’re the guy who made the Founding Fathers Black and Hispanic!” Maher exclaimed during the show’s panel discussion. “I don’t think that you have to apologize to Twitter! For f---’s sake. This is why people hate Democrats. It’s cringy.”

Perhaps inspired by Maher’s blunt courage, his leftist guests – CNN’s Paul Begala and New York Times journalist Jane Coaston – agreed. Begala, an old White man, made the sensible point that mobs don’t distinguish between big issues and small, nor does intention matter to them. Coaston, who seems to operate on rage and emotion, babbled inanely but seemed to say you should only apologize to important people and these people weren’t important.

None of this is a big deal in the grand scheme of things. Bill Maher will not stop the mob. But perhaps he represents people who are not overtly political and who still operate with some common sense. They’re the ones who might realize that the left is drunk with power and must therefore be removed from power. If these people either refrain from voting or swing their votes, they could make a difference in 2022.

IMAGE: Lin-Manuel Miranda by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 2.0.

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