Why masks are still mandatory

Joe Biden is in a pickle.  He wants to continue to convince Americans they should get the experimental biological agent (AKA "the vaccine"), but, as Tucker Carlson pointed out last week, the administration and the CDC have offered no explanation as to why you need to continue to wear a mask after you have taken "the vaccine."  Why would they want us to doubt the efficacy of the vaccine?  Why would any sane person who is not in a high-risk group contemplate becoming a lab experiment subject if you are not allowed (yes, our rights are now derived from government and will be doled out based on compliance) to burn your mask and return to a pre-pandemic way of life?  That's just bad salesmanship...until you think about the alternative.

Think about what would happen if they allowed (there's that word again) people not to wear masks after being vaccinated.  Here's a typical scenario.  The vaccinated test subject enters the supermarket.  The vigilante mob of leftists can't wait to accost and demand compliance to their edict, using physical violence if necessary.  The test subject then proclaims that he has put his mask in his pocket.  A short time later, the test subject hears the man claim the same immunity.

In this fictional example, you can begin to see what the ramifications of this policy would be.  Within weeks, the majority of Americans would stop wearing masks.  (Along with social distancing, and lockdowns, and getting the vaccine).  People would actually begin to associate non-masking people with safety, while mask-wearing people would signal danger.  The danger of the unvaccinated.

The government has just lost all control.  Do you really think these people will give up their newfound power so easily?  I'm afraid not.  I imagine that their Big Tech partners are working furiously building a mandatory vaccine passport system as you read this.  Until that is up and running, you can expect the regime to continue requiring all people to wear masks, especially those who have been "vaccinated."

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