Why don't Blacks seem to think Black Lives Matter?

A year ago today, George Floyd, a petty thief with an extensive arrest record, allegedly tried to pass a counterfeit bill in a Minneapolis store.  After the police were called to the scene, he resisted arrest, ultimately dying of cardiopulmonary arrest as police officer Derek Chauvin pinned his knee on Floyd's neck, galvanizing the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. 

Meanwhile, over the past weekend, these blaring headlines on shootings of mostly Blacks contradicted the idea that Black lives matter.

Deadliest weekend of the year in Chicago: 12 killed, 42 wounded in shootings

At least six people, including two teens, shot in NYC overnight

In these incidents, and similar ones across the country, the overwhelming majority of the victims were black; the overwhelming majority of the perpetrators were...yes, black.  And in St. Louis, which has a black female mayor, this headline blared:

St. Louis Homicide Rate Worst of Large U.S. Cities

Again, the victims and the murderers are disproportionately black.

This pattern is national.  FBI statistics indicate that not only are blacks more likely to be crime or homicide victims, but the perpetrator is...no, not an evil white cop or a racist white, but...another black person.

Busy blaming everyone and everything for this dismal state of affairs, the Al Sharptons, the Jesse Jacksons don't confront this truth and deliver it to their followers, inspiring improvement.  Why should they?  Blaming others, refusing responsibility is much easier.  And certainly more lucrative.

And so, as anniversary ceremonies commemorate Floyd's death and its destructive aftermath ironically, support for the BLM movement itself has decreased.  The reasons are many but, certainly, the black-on-black crime rate and the cowardly failure of so-called black leaders to address the issue are factors.

Meanwhile, the innocents continue to suffer.

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