Where the heck is Joe Biden as anti-Semitic attacks engulf America?

Low-grade pogroms against Jews are sweeping the U.S.

Hamas thugs are unleashing violent unprovoked violent assaults on Jews innocently going about their business in U.S. cities - in New York, Los Angeles, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida, with leftists saying 'don't blame me.' Some leftists are repeating their old trope that they're merely anti-Zionist, not full-blown Jew-haters no different from the Klan or other low-class dirtbags. For appearances' sake, most are paying some kind of lip service to condemning this apparently organized Hamas thuggery appearing suddenly on our shores, even as they continue to claim with forked tongues that Israel is the problem. 

Joe Biden, though, is the exception. He hasn't said a damn thing. He still remains AWOL as Jews are hunted down and assaulted in bona fide hate crimes, raising questions, at least in my mind, as to whether Hamas has something on him. 

He's said nothing. His Twitter feed is a wasteland and his White House site is silent. 'Silent Joe' is his way with this one, and it's not a compliment.

Biden can reliably be counted upon to condemn other hate crimes and perceived transgressions -- he condemned anti-Asian hate crimes, for one, and of course, calls any incident involving a black suspect and a white cop 'systemic racism,' which makes his silence in the case of this shocking wave of attacks all the more remarkable. 

It's certainly been noticed in any case.

According to Ben Samuels, writing in Ha'aretz:

The Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Committee, Hadassah: The Women's Zionist Organization of America, Jewish Federations of North America, and the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America wrote Biden on Friday highlighting a spike in reported violent incidents targeting Jews in the U.S. and abroad, as well as on social media. The ADL said Thursday it was seeing "a dangerous and drastic surge in anti-Jewish hate" after the outbreak of renewed hostilities between Hamas and Israel, "from London to Los Angeles, from France to Florida, in big cities like New York and in small towns, and across every social media platform."

The organizations call on Biden to call out antisemitism, telling him to "harness the authority of the Presidency and the United States Government to speak out loudly and clearly against antisemitism."

According to A.J. Kaufman, writing at The Lid:

While many wonder whether Iran-backed Hamas will oblige [on a ceasefire with Israel after it started its rocket attacks], we also wonder why President Joe Biden has not been more outspoken, not only in supporting our chief ally in the Middle East, Israel but in condemning violence against Jews in America.

Each year, FBI stats show Jews are overwhelmingly the victims of more anti-religious “hate crimes” than any ethnoreligious group. And these numbers continue in May, ironically Jewish American Heritage Month.

Joe may be AWOL on the border, but he's even more AWOL on this. As with the border meltdown, his silence suggests consent.

Biden's silence is most likely due to his innate cowardice and his consummate political considerations.  

According to New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin, as president, he shifts like a weather vane to the political winds. He hides, he appears, he calls a lid, but the bottom line is, he's concerned only about one thing politically: Keeping the far left wing of his party ever loyal to him as his political foot soldiers. That's where the biggest Jew-haters roost.

Start with the far-left Squad side of things. Writing in the New York Post, Goodwin believes there was a weird turning point in Joe's behavior around this priority of his:

A defining moment came last Tuesday when Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian woman elected to Congress, confronted Biden at the Detroit airport and argued American aid to Israel was funding atrocities against Palestinians. 

The tarmac face-off lasted eight minutes, and Biden later lavished praise on Tlaib’s “passion and concern for so many people.” Presumably, her concern doesn’t include the Jews Hamas vows to eliminate. 

The irony here is that while even full-blown Jew-haters such as Tlaib and Reps. Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pay lip service to condemning anti-Semitic attacks, as I wrote about here yesterday, Joe won't condemn even those. 

There's more than the Squad, though, in the mind of Joe -- there's also the Democratic Party's black congressional leaders and activists, who have embraced the likes of Louis Farrakhan and the Rev. Al Sharpton, two notorious anti-Semites, as if they represent all black voters, and are ineffably tied to the mast of the Democrat party. After a spate of anti-Semitic attacks by black extremists in 2019, I noted this here.

Why is that? [Why are these attacks happening?] Because Democrats have been coddling black anti-Semites for years. Where's the Democratic condemnation for race huckster Rev. Al Sharpton, who's also a notorious anti-Semite with a long record of incitement of violence against Jews? Right there in the berth of the Democratic Party, still supposedly representing the black "middle class."

Where's the Democrats' condemnation for Louis Farrakhan, whose animating breath is all about anti-Semitism? Hobnobbing with Democrats in photos, appearing with Bill Clinton at Aretha Franklin's funeral, and tweeting "sweetheart" dreck with fellow anti-Semite, Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar. Where, for that matter, is the Democratic condemnation of Rep. Ilhan Omar's anti-Semitism? They couldn't pass a simple resolution against her in the House after her string of whoppers. They were too afraid to lay a hand on her, despite her long record of anti-Semitic statements. It's coddling all right, and you can bet the more aggressive street predator class of black cultists, such as "Black Hebrew Israelites" a known anti-Semitic black group, and Jew-haters in the boroughs noticed the pattern, took note, and launched their reign of terror.

Still no recognition of the problem from Democrats, though. They prefer to call it the bad deeds of individuals and then let them off lightly. That's a recipe of worse to come.

In Joe's mind, though, it's best to keep these moral zeros happy so they'll deliver the black vote for Joe. This, despite, or maybe because of, President Trump's heavy inroads on winning over the black vote to Republicans in 2020. Elections are going to be tough for Democrats going forward, so Joe's going all in on following the Sharpton way and keeping Calypso Louie content, both creeps laughing up their sleeves at him, in the interest of using their political muscle to perpetuate his own political power.

This is more than just speculation. Sharpton, for one, visited the Obama White House with Joe Biden the sitting vice president 72 times, according to leftist PolitiFact, and according to Wisconsin GOP Congressman Glenn Grothman, and former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani, it was probably a higher figure. Whatever the number of times, it was a big number with a bottom at 72, obviously underlining to Old Joe that political power for Democrats depends on the love of Jew-hating Al Sharpton. Obama taught Biden everything he knows and probably continues to serve as a shadow president.

This is a vile dynamic, no two ways about it. Biden is keeping silent for a reason and the multiplying nests of anti-Semitism within his own party amount to a vehicle for him. He therefore stays silent as raw anti-Semitism rears its ugly head and pogrom-like violence spirals across the U.S., expecting reliably Democrat-voting Jews to let it go, and expecting the whole thing to go away.

It won't.

Image: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0

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