Elizabeth Warren lets the cat out of the bag on Democrats' scheme to end patent protections on vital medical innovations

Elizabeth Warren has a problem with innovators of big expensive COVID vaccines taking out intellectual property protections for their efforts.

A few days ago, the leftist senator said this, according to this baleful editorial published in The Wall Street Journal:

“Special [IP] protections for drug companies are an even bigger issue than COVID-19 alone,” the Massachusetts Senator said at a Senate Finance hearing with U.S. Trade Rep Katherine Tai on Wednesday. “I think it’s time now for our trade negotiators to take leadership and actively set rules that lower drug costs for American families.”

What special protections? Drug makers receive less IP protection than other businesses under World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, which allow low-income countries to force drug makers to license patents during emergencies. But progressives believe IP protections shouldn’t exist at all for drugs and that their makers shouldn’t be rewarded for years of risky investment and innovation.

What she's saying, according to the Journal, is that Warren is against all patent protections for medical innovators, because Big Pharma might turn a profit. Apparently, they'll always be happy to shell out billions for the risk, research, and development of life-saving vaccines, such as the COVID vaccine, which had been executed at breakneck speed with the Trump administration's incentives, for nothing in return now.

And the horror of what Warren is saying is that they don't deserve any patent protections on any of their other lifesaving medical pharmaceuticals, either. They innovate, the Chicoms take. You can bet the Chicoms, who are already famous for stealing patent secrets from Big Pharma through spies (Pfizer had one), must be smiling at the prospect of resting easy from all that hard work of stealing secrets and profiting from U.S. medical innovations.

Warren, in short, has let the cat out of the bag on the Democrats' scheme for patents, plotting to end all of them, and cutting America's most innovative industry down a peg. Can't have an innovation, see, that might be reason to argue that America is great.

It's stupidity that defies description. Democrats like Warren are imagining that companies will just go right on innovating with no prospects for profit, all because Democrats need to virtue-signal about their "generosity" with other people's property. Nothing's easier than giving away other people's stuff to a Democrat, and Warren has pioneered a new pathway to give the results of Big Pharma's hard work away to others who didn't innovate. 

Incredibly, this is common stuff among the Beautiful People Democrats, such as Chelsea Clinton, who argued in The Atlantic about the importance of forking over U.S. patent protections on COVID vaccines to COVID-hit India to show that Democrats are nice people. I wrote about that here.

Now Warren has taken it one step further, revealing that the COVID freebies to India were really a Trojan horse for Democrat plans to destroy Big Pharma altogether. You don't have to like Big Pharma much (and I don't) to see the obvious danger. If research and development of life-saving medical products can't be patented and protected, there won't be more of them, the companies will Go Galt and don't think it couldn't happen.

It just goes to show how out into orbit the Democrats are in their mad scheme to transform America into Venezuela. It's one more reason to throw them all out in 2022.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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