Jew-hate attacks escalate in New York and Los Angeles; Democrats go AWOL

Jews are suddenly being targeted in scary numbers in New York, Los Angeles, and even other parts of the country.  Worldwide, the escalation is 435% since Israel defended itself against Hamas rockets fired from Gaza.  Democrats, though, are AWOL.

Ace at Ace of Spaces has a collection of videos of some of these unbelievable assaults in the past few days, while a search of "anti-Semitic" and "attack" on Twitter yields a hell of a lot more since then — some examples here and here.

"Are you Jewish?" now holds a chilling undertone.  It's the question that precedes these organized thug attacks and smells as though some foul entity is directing them.  After all, "are you Jewish" is the same phrase Palestinian terrorists asked of targets back when they were hijacking jets, as on this horrific flight in 1985, where the heroine stewardess hid the Jewish passports.  Or this one, in 1986, where another heroine stewardess hid the American passports from other Palestinian terrorists.  Say their names: Uli Derekson and Neerja Bhanot.

As for the Palestinian terrorists, of utterly forgettable names, well, they and their pals are back at work in this Biden era, here on these shores now but still identifying Jews as their forebears did, ahead of openly assaulting them in major U.S. cities.  So much for "anti-Zionist but not anti-Jewish," which has been the mendacious trope of the left.  That claim is blown out of the water with what is going on now.

That brings us to the Democrats and their response to this scary situation.

The condemnation?  Just about nothing.  The press is largely silent or at least not putting it on the front pages.  Leftist pols, who tolerated a full year of Antifa violence on America's cities and refused to call it domestic terrorism, have now seen that indifference morph into these brownshirt-like seemingly coordinated Palestinian attacks targeting Jews and are saying little and doing nothing.

Oh, sure, some of them pay lip service while under pressure regarding these horrific Jew-hating organized attacks.  Ric Grenell notes one here:

There's also he:

These bozos, too:

Some clung to their self-justifying now-bankrupt old tropes:

Some covered their keisters on the attacks with amazingly forked tongues.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Exhibit A:

There also were others of this stripe, people who'd spent careers focused on undermining and condemning Israel:

Days have passed, with attack after attack, before any of these blatherings went on record.  Most Democrats, particularly the Jew-haters among them, have stood silent as the assaults commenced for the cameras.

The forked tongue crowd among these is particularly disgusting when you think about it.  "Never, ever tolerate" anti-Semitic attacks anywhere in the world, Sandy?  You're tolerating them right now just fine in police-defunded New York City, where these attacks are exploding.  You're hand-wringing from a place of safety and piously telling Jews to take a self-defense course, as if they were merely random targets of muggers, and these attacks were just spontaneous impulses, with no organizer, no actual root.  Would she advise that too over in Kristallnacht-era Nazi Germany?  Sounds as if she would.  Is she looking for who is doing these "spontaneous" attacks?  Not on your life.

For Ocasio-Cortez, the root of the attacks and the coordinated strategy are all apparently a non-issue.  She's not vowing to get to the bottom of it or pass legislation about more hate crimes; she's just meaninglessly, toothlessly saying "this has to stop" as if for appearance's sake.  Even her pious calls to self-defense are fork-tongued, now that in big cities with district attorneys like Chesa Boudin, people who defend against attack see their attackers let off scot-free as this incident in San Francisco shows.  Defend yourselves, Jews; that's all we leftists offer.

The problem on the left starts with the refusal to name names, as Daniel Greenfield notes:

No names, no problem — just take that self-defense course, Jews.

Worst of all are the silent ones, the ones who don't want to look at all.

The FBI is still tweeting pictures of 1/6 Capitol rioters in a bid to find them but remains silent and apparently indifferent to this obviously coordinated attack.  Where are their pictures on those Los Angeles restaurant attackers the other day, the one hurling the pylon, the one asking, "Who is Jewish?"  Nothing.  And who the hell let them into the country, as long as we are asking?  Who?

And the ultimate boss of the FBI, Joe Biden, is absolutely culpably silent.  Here is what's at the top of his Twitter feed at a time like this:

Here's his equivocation of Israel and terrorists, one big happy family, as Palestinian Hamas thugs in big groups hit one New York and Los Angeles restaurant after another.

Any statements like this for the Jews being assaulted?

Nope, not a thing.

It's a hideous picture, brought on by years of Democrats agitating against Israel and, in the case of Omar, hurling anti-Semitic tropes.  Democrats couldn't even pass a censoring measure against Omar, needing to throw in all kinds of hate condemnations to obscure it, when the issue at hand was Omar's anti-Semitism and repugnant radical Jew-hating associates.  That hate is now coming to fruition with these attacks.

Democrats also excused the Antifa riots that devastated American cities last year without consequences for any of them.  Democrats refuse to create a commission about them.  The FBI's director has called them "an idea."  Palestinian terrorists looked at both pictures, and someone at the top said "sic 'em" to their barbarians in the States as a result.  Now we've got a full-fledged France-style attack situation, where the Jewish population at some point is going to flee.  Any leadership at the top to stop it?  Not a trace, not in Joe Biden's idea of America, not even a phony condemnation from his.  With this garbage going on, it can only get worse.

Image: Screen shot from video shot by Rob Bertrand and run by CBS News via shareable YouTube.

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