What's left to celebrate this Fourth of July?

The Fourth of July is near, but is there anything left to celebrate?  Last month, I took down the American flag that I have been flying since 2000 in the front corner of my yard.  I did so because I am convinced that the vast left-wing conspiracy in America and its friends in Communist China successfully used a secret weapon (the Wuhan Flu) against the world in 2019 and stole the U.S. election of 2020 while the world was watching.  The audacity of it all must have made Obama smile.

Now I feel so conned and sad.  I have four children and three grandchildren.  The America I have known for most of my life made me proud and gave me hope for the future.  The events of the last five years have dashed that pride and filled me with despair about the future.  I am not happy about the America I am leaving to my children and grandchildren.

I was raised to believe in freedom and democracy. I was raised believing that the USA was what Lincoln called "the last best hope of mankind."  In 2020, I began to see clearly that I have been conned.  The wonderful checks and balances built into our Constitution failed to protect us from enemies at home and abroad.  Our reporters suppressed the truth in 2020 and enabled the coup that no one wants to acknowledge.

A vast left-wing conspiracy runs things now, and its members are running them badly.  Our government no longer serves us; it rules us.  While Trump was president, the vast left-wing coalition in America accused him of cozying up with Putin and Russia.  Meanwhile, they were really cozying up with China.  When the Democrats feared Trump's re-election in the run-up to 2020, I strongly suspect they made a Faustian bargain with the Chinese.  In other words, I suspect they made a deal with the devil.

The president earns $400,000 a year plus expenses.  It has been widely reported that the Bidens are earning millions from China through sweetheart deals arranged by Hunter Biden among others.  If that is true, ask yourself which country is dearer to Biden's greedy heart.  While you're at it, ask yourself why any American politician should be getting any funds from foreign governments.

I haven't had anyone from the left really challenge me on my suspicions.  One member of the left challenged me to prove my assertions.  I cannot prove them because the left controls virtually all the agencies equipped for such investigations.  When nineteen states attempted to challenge unconstitutional changes to voting in 2020, for example, the Supreme Court, in a breathtaking display of cowardice, declined to hear the case.

We cannot count on the Republicans to help us resist the left-wing takeover, because they too have gone over to the dark side.  Biden and his gangsters assure us that everything is fine and dandy.  They control the airwaves.  In my heart of hearts, however, I think I am voicing what many Americans are thinking.  What's left to celebrate this Fourth of July?

Image: Torn U.S. Flag. Origin unknown.

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Correction: 2029 corrected to 2019

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