Breath of fresh air: Elise Stefanik hammers home Democrats' bid to obstruct Maricopa County recount

Elise Stefanik has taken over as chair of the House GOP conference from Liz Cheney, and in a wonderful surprise, is calling for free and fair elections.

She's blasting the trash coming from the Democrats who are trying to block the Arizona audit of Maricopa County. Seems there's something in it they'd rather the Republicans not see, so they're throwing up roadblock after roadblock.

Instead of sweeping that appalling picture under the rug, as Liz Cheney might do, Elise is speaking out as the new Republican House leader:



To Cheney, the elections were completely fraud-free, something she repeated again and again with a heaping helping of sanctimony.

Stefanik sees things differently. And as a Republican leader, she should. Who the hell's votes were cancelled out in this obvious cheatfest now being exposed in Arizona? That's right, Republican votes. A normal Republican leader would be very concerned about suppression of her party's own voters. It costs the party seats, after all, and it cost the party the presidency. We've got an unfit bounder in the White House and a showing of clowns in the House and Senate as a result. A good Republican leader would and should be very concerned about making every Republican vote count, and not be cancelled.

As my argument that there was fraud, a position held by 70% of the GOP voters, that's being in tune with the party base, the base which votes. Elise recognizes her duty to be in tune with what Republicans are thinking and feeling.

Liz speaks out about election fraud at times, but only in hellholes like Afghanistan. On this election here, she's blinded and silent, content to see Republican votes cancelled out by election thieves. Stefanik on the other hand, seems to like Republican votes and responds to the reality on the ground.

Right or wrong, we won't actually know if there was fraud without some kind of audit, the very audit that Cheney said nothing about as she pontificated away about the legitimacy of Joe Biden. She'd already drawn her conclusions, so all fraud and shenanigans in her book are to be ignored, even as Democrats steal elections from out under her. That's some leader she was, and it took throwing her out to recognize how little she liked us, how little she had to offer, and how little she did her job, which was to fight for Republicans. She didn't fight, she liked surrender.

Stefanik, however, knows who she works for, same as any Democrat leader worth his salt, and it's a thing of beauty.

 This is the feelgood story of the day. I'd had my doubts about Elise, given her unpalatable stance on amnesty for illegals, but I put them in hold after President Trump gave her his wholehearted endorsement.

He knew the score.

What Stefanik is doing is what a Republican leader should be doing, defending the votes of the membership, Such sunshine!

Good riddance to Liz. It's nice to see a real Republican replace her.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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