Trump needs to do a better job of un-muzzling himself

Trump is a super-communicator.  That is, one of his great gifts is his ability to simplify complicated concepts into ways that are visual, powerful, and sticky.  Twitter was the perfect medium for him because it worked for his pithy, powerful, quite unique way of sending a message.  Currently, though, all major media outlets are closed to him: he is banned from all the major social media outlets, and the mainstream news, whether print or television, will not allow him to be heard.  He needs a new outlet, and he needs one fast.

Trump is certainly still welcome on Fox, which seems to have gained back most of its audience, but he is a pariah elsewhere.  His preferred medium, Twitter, has imposed a lifetime ban on him.  Facebook's censorship board, which is composed primarily of Europeans, has made a big show about "democratically" and "thoughtfully" shutting him down.  Outlets other than Fox will not allow him to speak.  For the first time in American history, a former president is being completely silenced.

It's true that Trump has set up a website that allows him to post about things, and he sends out email blasts.  Sometimes the tech tyrants allow his supporters to post them on Facebook or Twitter; sometimes they're deleted.  As was the case with his tweets, he has a knack for packing a powerful message in a short paragraph.  These are among my favorites:

The above messages are vintage Trump, using simple words, humor, pointed imagery, and hard-driving sarcasm to drive home a message.  The problem is that people must remember to hunt them out.  They are not part of the social media environment, in which messages scroll endlessly, in an almost relaxing fashion, before people's eyes.  As the tech tyrants know, that's how to affect people's thinking.

I've thought a lot about it, and I've concluded that Trump needs to set up a website that invites people in for more than just a quick check to see whether he has anything to say.  Here's what the new online Trump Center should offer:

1. It should be a competing marketplace with Amazon, except that it should sell only American-made products and, more specifically, products that do not come from woke companies that hate ordinary Americans and their values.  The products should be marketable based on their inherent virtue, not the manufacturer's political attitude.

2. It should sell books.  One of the things we've discovered about Amazon is that it censors books.  We've also learned that, even though you paid for the book on your Kindle, you don't actually own it.  You've just placed a deposit with Amazon, which can magically remove the book from your Kindle while returning your money — all without your permission.  There should be some big bright lines: no illegal material; no material from mass murdering groups (Nazis, ISIS, the Taliban, Hamas, etc.); no material calling for anyone's death; no pornography, etc.  Otherwise, it's a free speech, no-censorship platform.

3. It should be a news and opinion aggregator promoting all sorts of conservative sites.  It shouldn't just be taking people to articles on the big conservative sites (Fox, The Daily Caller, etc.).  Instead, it should be promoting interesting information from all over the conservative internet.  That should include American Thinker's content.

4. On every page, everywhere, there should be a sidebar with Trump's "Treats," pithy posts from him of the type that he used to publish on Twitter.  Trump might also set up a server that reliably hosts conservative-friendly social media outlets that have struggled to find a venue.

5. Trump should think about producing television shows that would be viewable on the Trump center website.  They should be wholesome, high-quality, values-friendly entertainment — children's shows, adolescent shows (without snotty teenagers putting adults in their place), and shows for the whole family, reminiscent of the best of American television in decades past, before things got woke, crude, and otherwise cheap and ugly.  As the producer of one of America's all-time successful television shows, Trump certainly knows how to get this done.

Trump has upwards of 75 million supporters.  That's a huge market he can tap with his incredible cachet.  For him to have a piddly little desk from which he broadcasts a few statements is an incredible waste of his talent.  There's so much more he can do in a way that will create true competition, open the way for free speech, and help Americans.

Image: Donald Trump – showman.  YouTube screen grab.

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