If what's happening in Israel were happening in America...

Imagine lying down to go to bed in a border town in Texas and hearing explosions in the sky.  But it isn't the Fourth of July.  It's Texas Independence Day, and the explosions aren't fireworks, but incoming rocket fire from Mexico on the anniversary of their defeat in the Texas Revolution.  They're still upset about the Texans "taking" Mexico from them.

Imagine that Texas already gave them El Paso — an olive branch.  But El Paso wasn't enough.  They want San Antonio, too, and the Alamo.  You see, both Texans and Mexicans consider the Alamo site sacred — for the Mexicans, the Alamo reminds them of their slaughter of some 200 Texans at the Battle of the Alamo; for the Texans, the site marks the pivotal battle of the Texas War for Independence, which inspired the Texans to ultimate victory at San Jacinto.

The sound of exploding rockets in the sky over Texas cities isn't even an unusual experience.  Far from it.  In fact, there's an air defense system built by the Texans on the Texas-Mexico border called the "iron dome" for the express purpose of intercepting and neutralizing incoming Mexican missiles.  The sounds of air raid sirens are as common as illegal border crossings.

Imagine that prior to the barrage of Mexican missiles, riots had broken out around the Alamo.  Texans were marching to the Alamo to celebrate their independence from Mexico.  But dozens of angry young Mexicans had also gathered at the site, shouting, "We will redeem our Alamo."  The violent Mexicans threw rocks and bottles at Texas police, who were there to keep the peace.

Imagine that one of the rocks thrown by the Mexican mob hit a seven-month-old Texan baby in the head.  Seventeen police officers were injured — half hospitalized.  Eighty-eight Mexicans were treated for injuries sustained from rubber bullets fired by the police.

Imagine that the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico demanded that Texas withdraw its police force from the site and set a 6 P.M. deadline to do so.  When the Texans refused to withdraw the police from their own city, the cartel began firing missiles — hundreds.  Texans respond by firing their own missiles into El Paso — the territory they won and then gave back to the Mexicans — killing the Sinaloa cartel leader.

The Canadian government and other world leaders condemn Texas.  They accuse Texas of escalating the war.  They side with the Sinaloa cartel. 

Imagine these politicians and reprobates justifying the missile attacks on Texas soil, saying, "Texas has long committed abuses against the Mexicans and they stole the Mexicans' land."  Just imagine.

We don't have to imagine, because this is what is happening to our friend and ally Israel right now — only El Paso is Gaza, San Antonio is Eastern Jerusalem, Texas Independence Day is the Six-Day War, the Alamo is the Al Aqsa mosque to Muslims and the Temple Mount to Jews, the Mexicans are Palestinians, and the Sinaloa cartel is Hamas.

Despite being given Gaza, Hamas wants more. They want Eastern Jerusalem to be the capital of their long-desired Palestinian state.  But they want more still.  They want the Jews to die.  There can never be a two-state solution because for Hamas and the Palestinians, the two-step solution is merely a pathway to a one-state solution, which excludes Israel.  They hate the Jews.

As America deteriorates before our eyes, what is happening in Israel today may not seem of great importance to many Americans.  But it is precisely because of what is happening in our own country that what is happening in Israel is of the greatest importance.  Because what is happening in Israel is also happening in America.

While we are a nation of Americans, we are only nominally so.  Some of us embrace the Constitution, while others reject it.  The Democrat party may not be launching rockets at conservatives, but they have indoctrinated a generation of Americans to hate America and conservatives.  They hate conservatives as much as Hamas hates the Jews.  That isn't hyperbole.  Just watch CNN or listen to Liz Cheney.

Like the Palestinian terrorists and anti-Semites around the world, who blame the Jews for every wrong, the Democrat party blames conservatives for every ill in America.  Jews in Israel and conservative Republicans are both scapegoats.  The Democrat party views both with antipathy.

In Israel, the Palestinians hurl rocks at Israeli police and blame the Jews.  In America, BLM and Antifa burn down our cities and blame white supremacy, America, cops, etc.  In all cases, the media and Democrats defend the terrorists and attack the innocent.  For Democrats, terrorism is justified, terrorists are victims, and self-defense is a crime.

But while the Palestinians demand the so-called two-state solution, Democrats demand a one-state solution.  We already have a two-state solution in America, and it's the reason we're ripping at the seams.  We had a one-state solution under George Washington, when there were no parties or factions — only patriotic Americans who embraced freedom and the Constitution.  Washington warned against factionalism.

But here we are — as divided as Hamas and Israel.  The Democrat party is as uncompromising as Hamas.  Like Hamas, the Democrat Party wants more.  Like Hamas, the Democrat Party won't be satisfied until conservatives are defeated and they achieve their ambition of one-party rule in perpetuity — totalitarianism.

While ignorant and anti-Semitic Americans whine about Israel's alleged abuse of the Palestinians, the American citizen has been abused ten times more by our own government.  Our unalienable rights are now subject to our requisite allegiance to the Democrat party and willingness to disavow Trump.

Those who resist may find themselves the subject of a criminal investigation by the FBI.  "Investigate the innocent and find the crime rather than find the crime and investigate the criminal" is the new motto of the American justice system.

Regardless of what the Democrats say, Israel belongs to Israel and America to Americans.  Our ancestors shed their blood to transmit to us this great inheritance, just as the Israeli ancestors shed their blood to transmit to them their great inheritance.  They'll never give it up, and neither will we.

Drew Allen is a Texas-bred, California-based conservative author and speaker, who writes a weekly blog promoting conservative ideals at drewthomasallen.com.  Fluent in Italian, Drew has lived and worked in Italy in the fashion industry and in New York City and Los Angeles as an actor, screenwriter, and independent film producer.

Graphic credit: Alamo Fireworks by Jeremiah Nichols Art; print available for purchase.

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