Perhaps parents will lead us out of the leftist wilderness

Early in the distance learning experiment, I expressed the hope that it would do two things: break the back of the too-powerful teachers' unions and reveal to parents what's happening in their children's classrooms.  I'm not sure the first wish is being fulfilled, but I think that the second wish might be.  I've written several posts here about parents pushing back against leftist madness (especially Critical Race Theory) in children's classrooms.  The latest example comes from the Loudoun County school district.

Before Virginia turned blue, Loudoun County was one of the best school districts in America.  Then the left got its claws into it, and things went downhill fast.  Loudoun County's public school district made headlines — first for banning Dr. Seuss and second for forming a teachers' cabal that was determined to destroy any parents who challenged the teachers' hard-left pedagogy.

Parents in Loudoun County have had enough.  Perhaps inspired by the parents' rebellion in Southlake, Texas, or in New York, Loudoun's parents are going on the attack and taking steps to claw back their school from the race-hating fanaticism that infuses it.  The big star of the latest school board meeting was a young black woman who excoriated Critical Race Theory.  She's a fast speaker (nervous and trying to beat the clock), so you might want to do what I did, which is to slow the video a bit to appreciate every word she says:

With the following words, that young woman strips bare everything that is loathsome about Critical Race Theory:

CRT is not an honest dialog. It is a tactic that was used by Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan [garbled] and on slavery to dumb down my ancestors so we could not think for ourselves. CRT is racist; it is abusive; it discriminates against one's color.


Today, we don't need your agreement. We want action and a backbone for what we ask for today — to ban CRT. We don't want your political advertisement to divide our children or belittle them. Think twice before you indoctrinate such racist theories. You cannot tell me what is or is not racist. Look at me! I had to come down here today to tell you to your face that we are coming together and we are strong.

This is a woman who understands that we cannot function as a divided nation.  If her children are to have a shot at a quality life, America cannot shred itself into tribalism, which is the death of safety and prosperity.

Loudoun parents also pushed back at the gross obscenities that are being pushed on their children (content warning):

As a parent of children who graduated from public schools, I can say with assurance that this kind of pornographic material is becoming de rigueur in public schools.  It's a long journey from Are you there God? It's me, Margaret, in which girls discussed periods and bra sizes, to stuff that would fit well into the Penthouse forum.

America's teachers thought they were so clever to end their commute and classroom time.  They were going to do the bunny slipper commute and not have to deal with the physical realities of schools (which can be very dangerous places in Democrat-run enclaves).  However, as the British once said, they might have been "too clever by half."  By insisting on distance learning, they allowed parents to get a glimpse into the hate-filled, depraved places that are American public school classrooms.

Image: Speaking out against CRT in classrooms.  YouTube screen grab.

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