There goes Biden, about to pressure Israel

Word that President Biden "supports a ceasefire" between Israel and the Israel-denying Hamas (May 17) indicates that the terrorist organization has read Biden right — that he will, eventually, pressure Prime Minister Netanyahu to halt the campaign to put a stop, once and for all, to aggression against the Jewish state by Hamas.  That includes likely support by Biden for a U.N. Security Council resolution for a ceasefire demand, possibly with threats of sanctions and war crimes trials thrown in for anti-Israel measure.

Consider how a re-elected President Trump would have responded to the Hamas aggression.  First, it is more likely than not that Hamas would never have thought to launch thousands of missiles against Israel — and over a private dispute over property rights in Jerusalem, no less — with President Trump in the Oval Office.  Hamas likely knew that it would never find aid and comfort for restarting a military conflict with Israel with Mr. Trump the American president.

But should Hamas have been so rash as to attack Israel during a Trump presidential tenure, the message it would have gotten from the Trump White House would have been: "You started this round of combat; now deal with the consequences."  At the U.N., if the cool-to-Israel international community drafted a ceasefire resolution, President Trump's U.N. representative would have quickly vetoed it.

Until the Trump presidency, the Middle East conflict remained on low boil due to the rush of the international community, with Washington's support, always to pull the Arab chestnuts out of the fire.

A U.N. Security Council resolution, August 1948, initiated this invidious practice: demanding a ceasefire, with the Arab belligerents to be returned to their starting line, when they commenced hostilities.  This practice created no-risk belligerency for the Arabs, encouraging them to wait until the next time to resume fighting.

Eventually, Israel couldn't accept the practice of insulating the Arab belligerents against defeat.  After Israel returned its Sinai gains following the 1956 round, it realized with the 1967 round that the policy of forcing Israel back to the conflict starting line served only to encourage Arab intransigency.  Consequently, after the conflict in 1967, Israel held onto Sinai — and the Golan Heights in the north — until peace was signed (with Egypt) and the zealous Arab belligerent (Syria) lost the Golan, which had given Damascus a favorable vantage point to shell northern Israel.

Today, it is noted that the fighting between Hamas and Israel is the most serious outbreak since the seven weeks of combat in 2014.  What happened to end the 2014 fighting?  A ceasefire, that's what.  There was no move to disarm the Hamas belligerent, to put a stop to its stockpiling massive quantities of rockets, to make certain construction materials did not go toward networks of tunnels used to launch attacks against Israel.

After 2014, the only obstacle to resumed terrorism by Hamas was Donald J. Trump in the White House.  Now, thanks to narrow-visioned NeverTrumps who favor the whirlwind of Democrat leftism over the orderly, liberty-loving Trump administration, Biden, the child of Democrat leftism, seems ready to reward the despicable practice of Hamas to embed its military units among civilian populations for the purpose of leading to media demands that Israel — Israel — stop killing civilians.  Hamas places civilians in harm's way and, as in 2014, is about to be rewarded for its war crimes.  

If the blockheads who rush to blame Israel for the casualties intentionally made vulnerable by Hamas had been active in the 1940s, they would have loudly protested the demand that Germany surrender unconditionally, and, rather than the Middle East, Europe would have been the site of a seven-decades war.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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