Washington Post chronology of Palestinian-Israeli conflict replete with Palestinian talking points

In "Israeli-Palestinian conflict: A chronology" (5/16/21), The Washington Post begins the chronology of the conflict with "a coalition of Arab states, allied with Palestinian factions, battle Israeli forces."  In the Post's account, the battle "grows" at the "end of the British Mandate for Palestine and Israel's declaration of Independence in May 1948."  There is no explanation for why this conflict "grows."  The Post doesn't feel it necessary to state that the war began as an Arab attempt "to drive the Jews into the sea," as the Arab leaders put it, while the Jews were forced to fight for their lives.  The local Arabs, who decades later started calling themselves Palestinians, were actually offered a state of their own by the U.N. — two states for two peoples.  But they and the neighboring Arab countries — who made no distinction between Palestinians and other Arabs — wanted it all.  Only 30 years before that, there were no sovereign Arab nations — not one — it was all ruled by the Turks as the Ottoman Empire.  The Ottoman Empire lasted for 400 years.  So Palestinians weren't at all different from Jordanians, Egyptians, Syrians, etc.  They conveniently named themselves Palestinians to project the image that "Palestine" had been their country since time immemorial.

Yes, the chronology curiously left out the offer for a Palestinian state in 1947 by the U.N. and several offers fairly recently, one of which would have given the Palestinians 100% of the West Bank (including land swaps), 100% of Gaza, and a capital in East Jerusalem.  There was even an offer to repatriate many of the original Palestinians who had been displaced from Israel in prior wars.

The one-sided chronology was replete with Palestinian talking points.  Nowhere was it mentioned that at the same time as Palestinians were displaced in the 1948 war, 100% of all Jews living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem were either murdered or expelled by the Arabs.  Subsequently, in that same war, the Palestinians lost the West Bank not to Israel, but to Jordan, and lost Gaza not to Israel, but to Egypt.  And why doesn't the chronology explain why the Palestinians never showed an interest in a homeland of their own when their Arab brethren occupied the land from 1948 to 1967, and seemed to care about it only when Israel captured it?  Lastly, why not list 1964 as a date in the chronology, when the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) was founded to destroy Israel years before Israel controlled the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem?  Could it be that acknowledging the PLO founding in 1964 would undermine the Palestinian narrative parroted by the Post and reveal that the real goal of the Palestinian movement is to destroy Israel?  More proof of the PLO's motive is their pattern of "walking away from the table" of negotiations without making counter-offers.  The original PLO charter explicitly spoke of the destruction of Israel as the PLO's goal.  No wonder the charter has since been removed and expunged from the internet to hide their true ambitions.  The Hamas charter expresses the same genocidal aim.

Let's have a reckoning at The Washington Post and dig a little deeper into what is really happening.  If a layperson like me can do it, why can't an investigative news organization like the Post do it?

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