The shame of American Marxism

Many men and women of the American Jewish Left are preening and proud now that they have everything they could ever have dreamed of. They now have hardcore Marxists controlling every lever of federal power, along with tens of thousands of them ensconced into our federal bureaucracy. I’d like to remind them that I and hundreds of thousands of other American Jews and about 75 million non-Jewish Americans are disgusted by this. We consider an evil, dark and destructive ideology has attacked America from within. It is destroying all its liberal, moral, and enlightened foundations. 

This week, many of us would say a double shame on every Jew that voted for this Marxist Democrat party. Every bruise, broken bone, tear, drop of spilled blood, or death of a fellow Jew in Israel by our enemies is partly on their hands. They vilified, undermined, and help turn from office the strongest of American men, President Donald Trump, a man with the deepest of love for Israel, with high levels of non-toxic masculinity, focus, bravery, and love for America. Instead, they replaced him with cognitively challenged Joe Asterisk and a large crowd of weak, feckless, appeasing, destructive radical American Marxists who basically hate America and hate Israel even more. At the pinnacle of American power, we've traded John Wayne for a very confused and now hard Leftist Pajama Boy.

What do you think all our enemies will do when they see American strength and resolve replaced by weakness, feminization of our grand power, and self- hate? They attack. And I fear this is just the beginning. Just think Gaza, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia -- all the evil ones of the world now facing a defunded America, an America focused on gender-neutral bathrooms,  all facing no policeman on the beat.

We liberal Americans (now called conservatives) knew this was coming if President Trump and our basic American values were overthrown. You just have to read a bit of basic history and know a bit of the Bible and human nature. And indeed it’s here. Smoke is billowing over Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Next may be Taiwan, Ukraine, or Washington D.C.

I’m sure the American Left will not have a clue what I am talking about or just file it as another rant from the racist, sexist, homophobic alt-right.

This American Marxism mixed with cluelessness, radical secularism, naiveite, lack of wisdom, and high levels of American university “education” are what will get us all killed. 

May God be with us here in America and Israel. 

Image: snappygoat

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