The progressives' smirk

Psychiatrists and psychologists use “the tell” to read body language.  According to them, the tell is a discordant body movement, at odds with the subject’s spoken words.

The Progressives’ tell, regarding their monolithic feelings of intellectual and moral superiority, especially when dissembling, is the smirk.  It is also a weaponized tool, used to irk the recipient.

If one watches for it, one soon realizes its usage is astonishingly frequent.  Previously de rigeuer for mainstream newscasters, and social justice warriors, it has now morphed onto the duplicitous talking heads of the Biden administration. Interestingly, one can look, but one won’t find Republicans or conservatives smirking -  ever.  It’s simply not in their DNA.

Tuesday night on the Fox News Hannity show, two serial smirkers were caught in less than 60 minutes - though Hannity seemed unaware of the phenomena.

First up was the taxpayer-financed whirling dervish, Doctor Sir Anthony Fauci, being questioned by Senator Doctor Rand Paul.  Paul insisted that American taxpayer money, in the form of a grant, had been given to a Wuhan lab for “gain of function” research. 

Benignly sounding like a physical therapy definition for physical improvement, gain of function research is actually perilous.  It is the process whereby a virus, “in vitro and in vivo” is altered to become more damaging and more contagious. Fauci sidestepped the question by denying that a certain American expert in “gain of function” research ever worked with the Wuhan lab.  And then, Fauci smirked.  Was it because he felt superior to Paul?  Or was it because he was congratulating himself on the con?  Paul retorted that, regardless of his claims, American money went to the Wuhan lab and the research was conducted there.

A few minutes later, Hannity featured Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.  As residents in many states, affected by the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack, waited in long lines to buy gas at inflated prices, she quibbled over the use of the word “shortage.”   It’s not a shortage,” she insisted, over and over again - by golly, “it’s a supply issue” - smirk.  “That will show the angry hordes,” she was assuredly congratulating herself.  “How dare they define a supply issue with a shortage.

This is a ship of destroyers and dissemblers, and we are only in month four.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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