The U.S. Navy has met an important – and historic -- new metric

When I think of the United States military achieving significant and historic things, my mind turns to its skill as a fighting force. I think of new weapons, extraordinary physical accomplishments, successful battle outcomes, or unusually low numbers of training fatalities. What I don’t think of is the incredible excitement that comes with the United States Navy’s first all openly gay helicopter crew, complete with a rainbow flag to hang on the copter, a story that broke last week but that I somehow missed until now.

This is not meant to challenge the notion of gays in the military per se. As it happens, because I lived and worked in San Francisco for decades, many of my friends were gay and a large number of them were ex-military. Some had been kicked out; most had been honorably discharged. When I asked one friend why he’d enlisted, he told me, “It was a dream for me to be around all these buff men.” That friend died at 32 after he contracted AIDS at an orgy.

Unbeknownst to many people, one of the most important people in the Continental Army during the American Revolution was an openly gay German man, Baron Friedrich von Steuben. He trained American troops in Prussian discipline, helping to create the professional fighting cadre George Washington so desperately needed. Both Benjamin Franklin, who recommended von Steuben to Washington, and Washington himself knew that von Steuben was gay. They didn’t care. What they cared about was that he did his job.

What’s happened with our modern military, though, especially the Navy, is that a lot of the job seems to be being gay. That is, it wasn’t about making sure not to bypass otherwise highly qualified people. Instead, for the leftists, opening the military to gays and lesbians was the thin edge of the wedge in the military’s social justice transformation.

The military now incessantly celebrates homosexuality. Most recently, it allowed its first “all-gay” helicopter crew to use their helicopter and uniforms for a gay pride moment:

The military, including the academies, is all-in on homosexuality, with support groups, outreach, photos, flags, etc. None of this, of course, has anything to do with military readiness.

Having gotten gays in, the leftists next brought in transgender troops. Trump put a stop to it, only to have Biden instantly reinstate the policy. Now, taxpayers are on the hook for so-called sex-change surgery – which is, in reality, plastic surgery that mutilates the body and can come with profound physical challenges. In addition, hormone treatment that fills a body with biologically incorrect hormones also creates serious health risks. And then there’s that tragically high suicide rate, something that doesn’t go away when they enlist. None of this contributes to military fitness.

Having gotten gays and transgender people into the military so that they could feel good about themselves, the next step was to move women into the front lines of battle. The only way the military can achieve this is to lower standards for men because only the most anomalous women are capable of meeting the male standards.

One of the anomalous women who was able to meet the male fitness standards has stated the obvious: it will put the military “mission at risk.” That means more dead Americans, fewer dead enemies.

The latest issue in the social justice transformation of the military is to insert Critical Race Theory into the military. This is the toxic idea that white skin automatically means a person is simultaneously genetically inferior and an all-powerful oppressor. (No one explains how inferior, demelanated people have been so successful at oppressing the more serious melanin-rich races but whatever.) Unit cohesion cannot survive open racism and a military without cohesion is just a lot of people who’ve become fish in a barrel for the enemy’s guns.

While I’m sure those four men on a helicopter are thrilled that they can have their gay kaffeeklatsches between flights and while I sincerely hope that they’re qualified for the job on grounds other than sexuality, I deplore the way the military has moved gay sexuality front and center, instead of leaving it in the background where everybody’s sexuality belongs for a job as serious as defending America in the event of war. And as a reminder, even while Biden’s military is quickly becoming an expensive version of a college dormitory, the Chinese are very open about the fact that they are working to toughen their boys because they worry that they are too effeminate. If these two troops clash, I don’t think social justice bitch slapping and cancel culture are going to be very effective against a Chinese military trained to win wars.

IMAGE: Navy’s gay flight crew. Twitter screengrab.

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