The Lincoln Project is coming for your kids

The Lincoln Project, the vile, big-dollar organization of #neverTrump Republicans financed by leftist billionaires solely to Get Trump, is far from closing up shop in the wake of a big sexual predator scandal.

It's now spewing claptrap about 'civility' and has plans to come for your kids.

Here's their forked-tongue buildup for The Franklin Project, its new offshoot, in a Lincoln Project video called 'civility.'

Notice the prominence of Liz Cheney in it, and assorted members of the Bush crew. Ugh. You can see the outlines of who seems to be backing this and what it's really about. Ol' Liz is serious about taking over the Republican Party, a party with Trump and his supporters completely shut out. As for the civility theme, does "kinder, gentler, nation" spring to mind with this phony 'civility' dreck? Does "compassionate conservatism"? We all know where that namby-pamby talk from the Bush crew actually led us -- to being rolled by the far left and eventually cast from power. It makes one wonder if former President Bush, who says he's painting dogs, might just be plotting and maneuvering politically, same as President Obama, neither of them telling us.

The fanatic Trump-haters of the Lincoln Project launching this also have big plans, according to Axios, to teach "civics" in schools. Here's how bad it is:

The Franklin Project, while a nonprofit and legally distinct from its predecessor, will target "the exact same problem ... but from different angles and with different methods," says co-executive director Greg Jenkins, a George W. Bush administration alumnus.

  • Lincoln will keep airing its brash, anti-Trump ads while Franklin will focus on nonpartisan education and collaboration tailored to build consensus.
  • "We're not the megaphone; we're the convener," Jenkins said.

Axios reports that this is what they are up to:

Franklin organizers believe civics discussions have devolved from an exchange of ideas to "an unhealthy game of winners and losers," as their prospectus states. That's triggered extreme partisanship, fueling the rise of authoritarian figures.

  • The Franklin Project plans to develop and provide a K-12 civics education program it will offer free to local school districts.
  • It also will establish the "Democracy Corps," a hyper-local movement spread across the nation "that will advocate for and amplify the values upon which America was founded," the prospectus says.
  • The project does not plan to align with or endorse candidates, offering a true big tent to anyone feeling misrepresented by either major party, or left out of the current political system, said Jenkins, who is leading the group with co-executive director Erin Dobson, a veteran communications strategist.

Axios notes that Lincoln and Franklin will be separate entities with actual differences in tax classification group structure. The Lincoln Project doesn't even hide it that it's a SuperPAC that can raise unlimited money and engage in partisan political activity. The Franklin Project, on the other hand, is a 501(c)4, a supposedly non-partisan project, which won't put out any ads but can legally conceal its "dark money" donors. Hence, the "teaching" mission.

That doesn't sound good.

This is pretty much the same as putting the fox in charge of the henhouse chicken coop.

The Lincoln Project, recall, is the king and pioneer of sleazy dirty tricks. As the Franklin Project clucks about 'civility,' its sponsor, the Lincoln Project is the nasty group that built the vindictive, McCarthyite, Vishinsky-style database to blacklist all former Trump officials and ruin their careers.

According to a Wall Street Journal editorial headlined "The Lincoln Blacklist":

Stuart Stevens, a senior advisor to the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, tweeted Saturday that “we are constructing a database of Trump officials & staff that will detail their roles in the Trump administration & track where they are now.” He added: “No personal info, only professional. But they will be held accountable & not allowed to pretend they were not involved.”

Sound civil? Sound like politics as usual? Not even Democrats in the past did repulsive things like that, except perhaps Media Matters. And now they're lecturing us on civility and vowing to come for your kids. What irony.

As Rebecca Downs at Townhall observes

The Lincoln Project is going to define "civility" for us? They're good at getting under people's skin, calling out their enemies, and making ads good enough to earn them almost 3 million followers, but how does that make them the kind of people worthy of lecturing anyone on what civility means, least of all children?

They also put out sneakily targeted big-data ads targeted at weak Trump voters, hoping to put them into the Joe Biden column.  They're quite the underhanded manipulators, which makes vulnerable kids with no formed views perfect targets.

The New York Times exposed them as brimming with financial scandal, paying themselves big salaries from their $87 million in donations and engaging in other financial irregularities. They roll in dough, and that extends their reach and raises the odds that despite their loserly values, they could succeed if schools cater to them.

Meanwhile, just the idea of them dealing with kids is pretty hideous. The Lincoln Project was the home to the sex scandal of John Weaver, Project Lincoln co-founder, who was accused of sending creepy, pervy, totally gross texts to and allegedly sexually harassing many young men, at least one who said he was a 14-year-old boy when it happened. Weaver's out now, but other Lincoln Project members, according to this Breitbart report, apparently knew about it before the scandal rolled out and continue to go strong. Even George Conway, Kellyanne Conway's obnoxious Trump-hating husband, who was involved with the group at the start, but not for money, thinks this group should be shut down.

Anyone who thinks this group cares about 'civility' has another thing coming. It's obvious we are seeing the language of the Bush crew here, along with the prominent featuring of Liz Cheney in the Franklin Project propaganda video, so odds are, they are involved somehow, too.  The Bushes, as an old municipal bond (extreme) expert once told me back in 2001, "have a rough machine that plays dirty." He was eerily prescient, as he was with everything else I talked to him about -- no one was talking about that sort of thing way back then, but obviously some insiders knew.

The broader picture, though, is that these people are clearly Democrats, often, but not always, disguised in Republican clothing. And now they're coming for the kids, likely seeking to make kids learn to defy the evidence of their own eyes, hate Trump and all he accomplished, and spring Liz Cheney to power. 

They know the public is fed up with wokester "education" from leftist maniacs, and are seeking a window to come into it from the void. Trump is on the outs, so with their two-faced style, pretending to be Republicans, taking cash from Democrats, and praising Joe Biden for his "civility" is a bid to swoop in and control all that kids can hear.

It's an awful scheme, and any school district worth its salt should shun it as big-dollar corporate swamp political propaganda, no better than the current rabidly leftwing stuff. 

The Lincoln Project, and any of its offshoots, is committed to forcing the Bushes, at best, back on us, and probably even worse. Their record tells the story: They cannot be trusted.

Image: Screenshot from The Lincoln Project video, on shareable YouTube

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