UAE reportedly tells Hamas that infrastructure projects in Gaza won't be funded unless 'calm' returns

According to reporting done by the Hebrew-language Israeli business daily Globes, the Abraham Accords continue to pay dividends, even in the face of Biden administration sabotage.  The Times of Israel has published English-language excerpts of a warning that UAE officials have delivered to Hamas over funding of infrastructure projects in Gaza that the UAE had been discussing funding:

A senior UAE official tells the paper that such projects will not move forward if Hamas does not maintain calm in the territory.

"We are still ready and willing to promote civil projects in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority and under UN management [in Gaza], but our necessary condition is calm," the unnamed official says.

"If Hamas does not commit to complete calm, it is dooming the residents of the Strip to a life of suffering. Its leaders must understand that their policies are first and foremost hurting the people of Gaza."

You can't build a lot of infrastructure if your missiles provoke retaliation.
YouTube screen grab.

As Barry Shaw reported on these pages yesterday:

[T]he Palestinian[s have a] propensity for radical hardline terrorists rather than pragmatic non-corrupt politicians, a class in short supply in the Palestinian community. 

When no one advances the prosperity of the Arabs, they turn to more forceful and dangerous leaders.

Palestinians have constantly been failed by their leaders.

It would seem that Hamas's leaders would rather gain street cred among Palestinians over Fatah, as the militant champions of driving the Jews into the sea, than improve the lives of Gazans.  I doubt that Gazans will even hear of the jeopardy the missile attacks place on infrastructure projects.  And I wonder how many would choose a better life for themselves over the thrill of killing Jews.  After all, for generations now, the schools run by both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have indoctrinated their children in fanatical hatred of Jews, often citing Koranic verses.

Still, the UAE's reported threat is a positive development, especially if means can be found to reach Gazans and Arabs in Judea and Samaria about the potential to improve their lives with the help of rich Arab brothers who have discovered the virtues of getting along with their Jewish neighbors, whose presence in the region predates Islam by millennia.

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