Dems don't have the votes to pass Biden 'infrastructure' budget even using reconciliation

If Senator John Barrasso's vote-counting skills are accurate, the nation may be spared the extra inflation caused by the trillions of dollars the Dems and President Biden's handlers want to spend on welfare, calling it "infrastructure."  Maybe some of them are getting scared by constituent emails and telephone calls complaining about rising prices, especially for gasoline, and remember what happened to the party after Jimmy Carter wreaked his "malaise" havoc.  

Here is video of Senator Barrasso's interview Sunday morning with Maria Bartiromo, on Sunday Morning Futures, the must-see weekly program that is usually ahead of the news.

Interestingly, the Fox Business web coverage of the interview doesn't even mention the budget bill, and instead focuses on Senator Barrasso's concerns about pipelines.

The corporate media would never even hint that the Biden administration is starting to panic over its multiple disasters.  But in less than four months, inflation is raging; the Middle East is once again at war; and remarkably, jobs are plentiful and workers are scarce, even as unemployment climbs.

It would be hard to screw up that badly even if one were trying.  But Barack Obama had his number: "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f--- things up."

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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