The Democrats' equity scam

National policymakers and blue state government entities have wholeheartedly embraced the concept of equity. It goes hand-in-hand with the assumption that systemic racism is a de facto structural pillar of US society. Too bad both are such bad constructs. Together, as Tucker Carlson pointed out Friday night, they equal racism, even when gussied-up, as one letter-writer in a local paper glowing described it as“…a system of interlocking and compounding disadvantages and disinvestments,” citing everything from banking to housing, education, health care, nutrition, business opportunities, the justice system, and criminal law as being guilty of systemically keeping minorities down."

No matter how intelligent the words used to describe this concept sound, it falls apart upon examination.

The trap is that people don’t think things through, and the folks pushing this mental hogwash are hoping we peons strive to be woke and embody that wokeness by staying willfully ignorant. That way, nobody notices all the flaws.

Equity is such a similar word to equality, which makes the less-than-subtle difference simpler to gloss over. Equity means that everyone gets to have the same outcome, whether they work for it or not, whereas equality, one of the foundational principles upon which we’ve built this great nation, means that all people, regardless of their origin, have an equal chance at becoming their best self. As a reminder of the difference, I refer to our esteemed VP’s cartoon campaign video, narrated calmly and clearly:

The reason Democrats need CRT and the absurd New York Times-endorsed 1619 Project to bolster their equity argument is that history and simple logic undermine their supposed truth. This nation was not founded to make a safe place for slavery. It was founded to create an opportunity for religious freedom, freedom from tyranny by a distant king, and freedom from being taxed to support people who don’t work and pay taxes here.

Do these things I just mentioned ring any bells? Have we, in fact, lost religious freedom when people are prohibited from gathering to worship as they see fit? Are we free from tyranny? Our tyranny comes, not from a king, but from the State. A State that has, over the last year and a half, embedded itself in the role of a possessed helicopter parent. This, of course, for our own good.

Are we being taxed to support others who don’t pay into our system? Um, yeah. Look at one current example, the billions being spent to house illegal alien children in horrid conditions, school them poorly, and monitor their health haphazardly, with no game plan in sight for changing the continued influx or finding homes for the overwhelming number of orphans foisted upon.

As I wrote last week, this could change if the woke in power wake up to the fact that the demographics are changing. There’s a limit to how much of the citizenry we can strip from small central American countries. After all, they need to keep some kids to grow up and reproduce at home, too. Now we have Venezuela, Cuba, and Argentina factoring prominently in the influx. These folks are no friends of communism or even socialism. They certainly aren’t woke.

There are numerous examples on the flip side of the coin, too. There are examples of people of all different colors excelling because they had the force of will to do so. One of my favorites, the venerable Thomas Sowell, writes eloquently of his beginnings in the ghetto, with a determined single mom. She had multiple children to raise, and no skills beyond house cleaning. He led a difficult life, overcame youthful rebellion and adversity, and has excelled as one of the nation’s most eloquent economists. He is but one example of the many.

You already know lots more examples in your own life, some of whom you count as your friends. The United States of America is not an inherently racist society. We are a society respectful of human integrity. We are, conversely, a nation that does not suffer fools gladly. Whether they’re government employees liars or lazy, entitled, arrogant, self-righteous scammers of any race.

Looking forward, there are encouraging signs nationally and locally. Our liberal-run town paper, which never acknowledged the submission of my article on CRT in California schools, just ran an opinion piece by a parent (of Asian descent) objecting to it. Parents who examine the lesson plans being taught are increasingly horrified. There is no doubt that stopping this before our school kids are indoctrinated is crucial to our future.

I keep seeing cracks in the foundation the leftists have built. They did it in haste and, of course, in their arrogance cut so many corners that the construction keeps threatening to fall, of its own weight. Call it the parable of unsafe bridge construction in China!

IMAGE: Equity and equality exposed. Internet meme.

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