The border joke may be on the Democrats

Do you want to bet the border is closed pretty soon?  All you have to do is read American Thinker, or even the New York Times, to discover a startling truth: the people surging over the southern border, the very future voters the Democrats are counting on to repopulate their dwindling rolls, are mostly not going to be voting Democrat.

Why, you ask?  Because they are fleeing repressive communist countries.  They already know the score, having seen the utter destruction of their own societies under autocratic rule.  Like Florida's large Cuban population, they are going to vote conservative, and do it with enthusiasm.  There's a reason that there's more advertising aimed at Hispanics on Tucker Carlson Tonight.  The dream of the repressive left, to flood the country with new voters who will ensure perpetual electoral wins, will turn into their nightmare.

I've always relished the phrase "hoist with their own petard," and what I hope we see unfold perfectly exemplifies that saying.  No matter how the Democrats plot and plan, ignore federal laws, and legislate through fiat, they will, in fact, lose.

As more Cubans and Venezuelans make their way to the promised land where food is readily available and hard work means getting a paycheck, they'll take one look at the policies the left puts forth and reject them out of hand.  Been there, done that, and they know for sure it doesn't work.

This will occur in tandem with the awakening of the sleeping moderates here at home.  For too long, those who espoused the Democratic Party's traditional values as pro-worker, pro-America, unthinkingly allowed radicals to overtake their party.  It's to the point where moderate Democrats hardly recognize their party anymore.  Even the virulent Trump-haters are alarmed at the Biden agenda.  The Democrat party has become a house divided against itself, and it cannot and will not stand.

As they've grown in confidence, the extreme leftists have started leaving a trail of destruction: power outages caused by greenie policies that don't have a prayer of working.  Gas lines that we thought were left behind during the Carter administration.  Massive inflation that threatens the middle class.  Schools that are attempting to level education opportunities for bright kids so they're dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.

Imagine how it feels to be considered the lowest common denominator.  To realize (as black parents) that, rather than sending their children to a school that demands more from the students, their children included, the staff condescendingly demands less of everyone else.  I don't think it's a good feeling.  It is pure racism, and it has to hurt.

Foisting Critical Race Theory on students, along with the 1619 Project, and the claim that white skin is bad and that whites are inherently racist — this is transparently wrong at a profound moral level.  It's also wrong as a practical matter because 61% of the country (including many of the "educators" promoting this drivel) is white and only 13% is black.  How can you tell the majority of the population "you're bad" and get everyone to swallow that?  How many Maoist self-criticism sessions will it take before every child is ready to sink into severe depression because of an immutable characteristic?

How confusing, too, for the multiracial child?  How does a child choose, for instance, if he is 50% white and 50% something else?  Which part of himself is worthy of hatred?

The bigotry involved in everything the left is pushing is so evident that rejecting it clarifies for everyone what leftists' main agenda is.  They don't care a whit about the human cost of their agenda.  It's all just a convenient path to what they really are after.  They simply want power and money for themselves, and the rest of us peasants be damned — just like every totalitarian regime the new immigrants are fleeing.

Image: Illegal aliens invading America.  YouTube screen grab.

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