Kamala Harris behind the curve on all those illegal migration 'root causes'

Is Kamala Harris behind the curve?  What has she done so far about the out-of-control border?

Here's her latest tweet in her role as migrant surge czar, still looking for all those "root causes" as she avoids the border:

Prior to that, we know she had a March 30 phone call with the president of Guatemala, nothing with the president of Honduras (who's involved in drug-dealing, according to the U.S. Treasury), and the president of El Salvador won't take her call should she make one, based on Bidenite diplomatic blunders.  She also called the president of Mexico on April 7 to discuss trees for visas and other stupid things.  The president of Mexico cut out of that call early with better things to do.  As American Thinker's Andrea Widburg wrote, it did not go well.

But still no visit to the border. 

Talks with Democrats, talks with two presidents, but no border.  This is relevant because she might learn just how slow she is on the uptake as to what's going on there.  She's pretty well pursuing last year's story with her phone calls and visits when something else is emerging.

If she did go to the border, she'd learn that the Central Americans have basically all arrived.  Now it's the other countries whose nationals are surging in — from places like Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba, and India.  They're now 30% of the border surge apprehensions of the Border Patrol, and their numbers are growing.  Here's that secret intelligence she's still unbriefed on, hiding out in the front pages in the New York Times.  Headline:

From India, Brazil and Beyond: Pandemic Refugees at the Border

Fleeing virus-devastated economies, migrants are traveling long distances to reach the United States and then walking through gaps in the border wall. The Arizona desert has become a favorite crossing point.

That's what's going on at the border now from all those root causes.  Joe Biden's invitation to migrants has been heard around the world, in all sorts of places, rich and poor, not just the northern triangle.  They're all rushing in now, which suggests a root cause a little different from Central America just needing some foreign aid, which is Harris's working thesis now as Biden's border czar.

The reporting in this Times piece is very good, albeit missing some details.  The Cubans and Venezuelans, to take two cases, are not just fleeing COVID, as the Times argues; they're very specifically fleeing socialism and stolen elections.  Those are actual root causes that could be determined just by asking the migrants now flooding the border who also heard Joe Biden's invitation to come in loud and clear.  That's what's going on now, but don't count on Harris to get there — she's still focused on Central America, which is rapidly becoming an irrelevant story.

Imagine how weird it could get once Harris gets word that the border-surgers are now coming in from Venezuela, not El Salvador.  Can you see Harris calling up Venezuela's president Nicolás Maduro as she has the others, looking for all those root causes and asking him how to fix them?

Imagine her, if she were honest about root causes, urging Maduro to quit stealing elections and forcing communism onto people.  That has a funny sound, given Biden's election and subsequent failed administration, so don't bet the farm on her doing it.  It would be a pretty interesting conversation, though, and don't think Maduro wouldn't bring that stuff up.

Harris says she's serious about root causes, but she's looking in all the wrong places.  She's not serious about root causes.  Her visit to the congressional Democrats tells us she's interested in elections — her own, and how her failure to visit the border might impact the Latino vote for Democrats.  That's as far as root causes gets with her — the phone calls are just for show.

Central America may be fading from the scene, but the border surge carries on and on, Harris firmly keeping herself out of the loop and barking up the wrong tree.

Image: © Tomas Castelazo, www.tomascastelazo.com / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

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