The current Israeli-Arab war brings out all the usual anti-Semites

One of the useful things about the periodic flare-ups between Israel and the Arabs on her borders* is that they smoke out all the anti-Semites who live among us.  The latest example of mindless anti-Semitism came in response to a powerful series of tweets the official State of Israel Twitter account released.  Each tweet shows hundreds of rockets, with each rocket illustrating a rocket that was aimed at Israeli civilians.  Not only is the meaning behind the tweets is clear, but Israel also explains them.  Anti-Semites, however, have snidely attacked the tweets — only to prove inadvertently the power behind Israel's message.

Here is that Twitter thread:

If you look at the replies on Twitter, you'll see the usual virulent anti-Semitism and sheer ignorance from the hoi polloi.  We know they're out there, of course, but because they're "nobodies," their toxin doesn't have too far a reach.

However, things are different when people or publications with big names and big audiences go on the attack.  In this case, the ignorance started with VICE, a leftist (ahem) "news" outlet:

One must be pathologically stupid not to understand that Israel was tweeting out a graphical representation of the number of rockets that Hamas has fired at Israel's civilian population centers — and that's before getting to the last two tweets that helpfully explain the point of the previous twelve.  VICE's staff effectively gave themselves an I.Q. test and published the results.  You go, guys!

Proving the I.Q. deficit on the left, Mark Ruffalo, the hard-left actor worth $35,000,000, earned by living a life of let's pretend before the cameras, was horrified to learn about those emojis!  Indeed, he was so horrified that he inadvertently proved Israel's point, which is that it is "unusually, [sic] cruel and obscene" to rain 3,000 missiles indiscriminately on civilians:

(And have you ever noticed how these lefties hang onto their ill-gotten capitalist gains?)

If the famous people were going to pile on, it was time for Marc Lamont Hill, a Temple professor, BET host, and rabid anti-Semite to get his name and face out in front of this shocking story:

Yes, Marc, it is gross that your buddies would try to slaughter tens of thousands of Israelis.  This is in stark contrast to the Israeli method of dealing with these genocidal onslaughts, which is to locate Hamas targets with pinpoint accuracy, then to provide advance warning so all civilians can retreat to safety, and finally to actually strike that building and only that building.  (And do recall that we learned from BLM last summer that destroying property is not violence.)

Rather unusually, Israel has not yet yielded to the overt and covert anti-Semites out there and started retreating without victory.  Let us hope that continues to be the case.

Israel's longstanding approach to dealing with the genocidal maniacs who openly advocate for Israel's destruction — and the death of all her Jewish citizens — is akin to someone who is diagnosed with cancer and keeps having just enough chemo to make the tumors shrink a little before abandoning treatment.  If you're going to defeat a cancer, you must put it into retreat so it does not return.  Until Hamas, Hezb'allah, and their ilk learn that they cannot win, they will keep trying, and both Israelis and Arabs will keep dying.


*As a reminder, I will no longer refer to the Arabs living in Gaza and the West Bank as Palestinians because that gives them a legitimacy that history proves they lack.  These Arabs are the squatters and colonialists.  Israelis are the true indigenous people.

Image: Rockets fired at Israel.  Twitter screen grab.

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