Peace Calm for our time?

The Biden administration would like Israelis and Palestinians to "calm" down.  That nugget came Monday from Politico foreign affairs correspondent Nahal Toosi.  In case one missed it, she blasted the Trump administration less than a year ago for "human rights violations."  Just over two years ago, she was critical of then-candidate Biden running as Obama's heir.  Naturally, her tune changed when Biden became the face of Team Blue.

Biden may not have gone full Neville Chamberlain with his cries to bring "peace for our time."  Still, it falls on deaf ears, as one contributor for CNN, Adele Raja, tweeted, "The world today needs a Hitler" over the weekend.  Lest one forget, that infamous network was forced to fire a photo editor in 2019 over tweets about murdered "[J]ewish pigs."  The vitriol for all things Jewish and their free and independent nation-state feels eerily similar to a dystopian world less than eighty years past.  The carnage required to quell that genocide cost the world tens of millions of lives and a near eradication of an entire ethnic group.

To be fair, Biden did not call for appeasement — at least not with those words.  Officials from the White House have used language calling for "calm," "de-escalation," and "halting" the violence some forty times over the last week.  The president did claim that the Palestinians deserve "freedom, prosperity, and democracy" yet backhanded the Israelis in the same breath.

For the record, Palestinians have controlled the Gaza Strip since Israel's withdrawal in 2005.  The political rise of terrorist group Hamas in 2006 ensured that tensions remained high in the area.  When the site of the U.S. Embassy in Israel was split between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in 2018, Palestinians again vowed violence in response.

Setting aside the numerous biblical references to God's affinity for Israelites and Jerusalem — and why it's unwise to challenge them in games of life and death — history has provided far too many examples of Jewish persecution to take the recent comments from media types lightly.  Israel has the moral and legal right to defend itself.  It's always unfortunate when there is collateral damage to innocent lives.  Don't be fooled into thinking Israelis are not victims of the same sort.  Social media videos posted over the last week reveal the terror that many peaceful Israelis are forced to endure under air raids and bomb attacks.  It's a sad fact of life utterly foreign to most Americans.

So why exactly should the Israelis calm down?

Israel is quite literally surrounded by nations that routinely boast of eradicating it.  In fact, the Jewish state has fought sixteen conflicts since 1948 with its "neighbors," some of which were supported by the former Soviet Union.  Is it any wonder that Israel fights fire with fire?  A nation that has averaged a conflict (read: war) every five years of its short existence faces a genuine existential threat.

Hitler's Holocaust took the lives of millions of Jews only a handful of years before Israelites were granted safe passage to their homeland.  In 1972, Israeli Olympians were kidnapped and held hostage, with two murdered at the hands of terrorists.  The Israel Football (soccer) Association is forced to compete in the European confederation (UEFA) for the safety of the players and staff.

Anyone who does not see the open and abject hatred of Jews is either complicit or dangerously naïve.  As such, the cavalier calls by media personalities and members of Congress to suggest that Israel and her allies need to tone down the defensive rhetoric are tantamount to the 1939 pro-Nazi rally in New York City.

News flash: Only one party is condemning Israel in the current hostilities, and it's not the GOP.  The party of progressives — you know, the ones who cry about the disenfranchisement of voters — seems awfully quiet about the Palestinian violence following the indefinite shutdown of elections by Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas.  Perhaps only elections that produce unwanted results earn the ire of Democrats and their lackeys.

It's no surprise to see legacy media outlets and their mouthpieces toe the Party line.  Toosi is hardly alone in her praise for the current administration's response to the ongoing violence between Israel and Hamas.  At the same time, she was accused of antisemitism for questionable reporting just six months ago.  Make of it what one will.  It screams home-field officiating by overlooking inconvenient truths:

Yet, Toosi — who mentions NGO Monitor in her report — fails to detail them. Instead she dismisses NGO Monitor as "a pro-Israel site that tracks the activities of human rights and other organizations and often accuses them of being anti-Israel." By contrast, Toosi is happy to take at face value the claims from Amnesty et al. that they "are deeply committed to fighting antisemitism" and do not support BDS.

The considerable evidence — omitted by Toosi — says otherwise.  Politico's report reveals nothing about how the organizations in question countenance and/or support antisemitism.  But it does speak volumes about current standards for "reporting."

The antisemites in the media are too many to name.  The elected officials who spew hatred for ethnic Jews don't deserve to have their names mentioned in polite society.  Anyone who votes for them is as racist as they speciously claim of decent Americans who only want to enjoy their God-given freedoms.  One thing seems sure: if the Biden administration doesn't stop appeasing the terrorists at home and abroad, history tells us we are headed for another massive war to stave off yet another genocide that some so casually dismiss.

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