The Biden administration is still lying about January 6

We’re slowly getting more information about events on January 6 at the Capitol. Every new bit of information shows that what happened pretty much falls within the parameters of anything Code Pink or Antifa have done on or to federal property, although with significantly less violence than Antifa uses. Nevertheless, Democrats continue to claim that January 6 was an insurrection that rivaled the entire Civil War in intensity. The latest claim comes from Biden’s White House, where his Press Secretary asserts that several police officers died on January 6.

I’m riffing off the top of my head here, so I’m sure I’ll forget things, but here’s what we know about the events on January 6:

  • There was at least one leftist provocateur there – John Sullivan -- who later profited off the footage he acquired after inciting people to enter the Capitol. (The last laugh the government’s because it seized Sullivan’s profits.) There were undoubtedly others as well.
  • Capitol Police Officers invited Trump supporters into the building.
  • The Capitol Police Officers are refusing to release 14,000 hours of footage – leading to the assumption that they contain exculpatory information.
  • It’s probable that none of the people who entered the Capitol had guns.
  • Of the many people being held in solitary confinement almost five months later, none are being charged with sedition or insurrection; most of them are up on trespassing charges.
  • The only person who was killed on January 6 was Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman who was shot without warning by a Capitol Police officer. The others who died were felled by natural causes or a drug overdose.
  • The only police officer to die was Brian Sicknick, who died on January 7 from a stroke that was entirely unrelated to events on January 6.

Those are the facts but Democrats, especially Joe Biden, aren’t interested in facts. Like all narcissists (and leftism is a form of cultural narcissism) and all people raised on post-modernism, there is no such thing as truth. There is only “my truth” (a term you’ve often heard) and that means “whatever will help me at this moment.” For leftists, truth is shaped by necessity, not facts.

That’s why Jen Psaki, Biden’s Press Secretary, without a hint of shame, told a compliant (and also shameless) press corps that Biden knows that “a number of officers” died that day:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki claimed Thursday there were “a number of officers” who died the day of the Capitol riot, despite a D.C. medical examiner’s office determining that officer Brian Sicknick died the day after as a result of a stroke.

Psaki made the comments during a White House press conference when she was asked about an open letter by Metropolitan Police Department officer Michael Fanone earlier this month, in which he discussed the “physical injuries” and “psychological trauma” suffered by officers that day and asked elected leaders to “recognize” fully the actions of officers who responded to the riot.

“I’m happy to check on the status of the letter,” Psaki said. “Obviously, the president’s view is that there were a number of officers who lost their lives, paid a tremendous sacrifice, on a day that will be a stain on our democracy for many years to come, and certainly, many who survived. This will be a long-lasting trauma. I’d have to check on the letter and the status of that.”

And yes, I too am sickened by her purple prose, which takes an event that would have been considered inconsequential had leftists done it (just as Democrats routinely downplay Antifa’s destructive protests and murderous assaults on police) and tries to turn January 6 into the firing on Fort Sumter.

We are living in a post-truth era and we need to figure out very quickly how to bring truth back to America. A nation cannot function if its underlying premises are all built on lies and fantasies.

IMAGE: Jen Psaki. CBS video screengrab.

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