Former GOP House Speakers Ryan and Boehner raising money for members of the House 35 that voted for Jan. 6 kangaroo court inquiry

Why has the leadership of the GOP so often disappointed the party’s conservative, Trump-supporting base? Not since Newt Gingrich have the House Republicans been led by a Speaker worthy of his supporters’ trust. The conservative Trump-supporting base of the Republican Party has ample cause for suspicion.

The two most recent GOP Speakers of the House seem to have thrown their lot in with the Trump-haters left in the party’s congressional delegation.   Sundance at The Last Refuge has noticed that former Speakers Ryan and Boehner have been raising money for members of the group of 35 House Republicans who voted to establish the January 6 “independent” inquiry, a majority of whose members would be appointed by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

This panel would serve as a Mueller II vehicle to harness subpoena power to a lavish budget in the hands of witch hunters intent on digging up charges to make against not just Donald Trump, but his supporters as well.  

 Former House Speaker Paul Ryan previously held a fundraising event for Liz Cheney (March 2021).  Former House Speaker John Boehner previously held a fundraising event for Ohio Rep Anthony Gonzalez (March 2021)…. And now Paul Ryan announces he will host a fundraising event for Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger.

It looks to me as though Sundance has been using PhotoShop a bit to produce this rogues’ gallery assemblage of portraits:

It’s odd that Ryan, who failed to fund the border wall when the GOP held Congress and the Oval Office during the first half of Trump’s first term, would raise money for Kinzinger because:

 The issue with Kinzinger should be, essentially, moot.  Illinois is losing one congressional district due to the 2020 census figures and a drop in population.  The Democrats control Illinois and will more than likely re-district the state to get rid of Kinzinger’s (republican) district.  So Paul Ryan fundraising for Kinzinger is more a matter of financial positioning for something else as opposed to retaining his seat in the 2022 election.  In essence, Kinzinger is toast.

Previously I thought Kinzinger was likely to become a CNN contributor (although it could be Fox News), as an interim position before he goes back to DC and begins K-Street lobbying, likely on behalf of some defense contractors.  However, it could also be Fox News, which would align with Ryan’s support (Ryan is a Fox News board member).

I wonder what future plans Ryan has that involve Kinzinger? The Lincoln Project has demonstrated that left-wing plutocrats will heavily finance efforts by people who once had a GOP identity to sabotage the goals of the base. And they don’t seem to care how much of the money that goes through these propaganda organs sticks to the fingers of the founders. (Nor do they care about sexual misbehavior, but that is a separate issue.)

Maybe Ryan’s seat on the Fox Corporation board of directors will come into play? I can’t imagine Kinzinger as a member of The Five. But then again, my imagination has failed me in the past when it came to understanding Paul Ryan, who at one point I admired.

Maybe it has something to do with the way a Speaker candidate purchases support, funneling donated money to representatives in return for their support. That certainly gives a big advantage to those receiving big bucks from the Chamber of Commerce and other big business donors. If so, there may be reason for hope as small-donor support for the GOP has surged while big business goes woke. I wonder if Kevin McCarthy gets it?

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