More ice-cream journalism from the fawning press

How's this for "disgusting"?

According to the New York Post:

With the White House poised to unveil the largest federal budget in US history, spy agencies investigating whether a lab in China caused the COVID-19 pandemic and gas prices skyrocketing ahead of a major US travel holiday, President Biden was grilled Thursday … about his favorite flavor of ice cream.

"Mr. President, what did you order?" was the first question shouted by a reporter as Biden licked a cone at Honey Hut Ice Cream in Cleveland, Ohio.

"Chocolate chocolate chip," the commander in chief replied, to oohs and aahs from the fawning press pack.

It's an amazing waste of time and a total embarrassment.  After all, isn't the border surging and Joe's vice president AWOL?  What about inflation?  Aren't U.S. officials even in Washington under electromagnetic attack?  Hasn't a jetliner with a dissident on it been intercepted and pulled down in Belarus?  Isn't China busily engaging in actual slavery, and harassing U.S. and other corporations who question it?  Isn't China dictating what goes on in U.S. academia?  Isn't China challenging our military?  Isn't our military a laughingstock on the global stage as wokesters take over its public relations?  And let's not forget scandal — from what's on Hunter's laptop to Kamala's relatives' money-making, to Jennifer Granholm's conflicts of interest in corporate dealings?  What about Biden's plan to double the IRS and expand its capacity to snoop into every taxpayer bank account?  What about Biden's inchoate stance on mask mandates or the widespread vaccine hesitancy?  What about election fraud?  What about the current wave of anti-Semitic attacks on local U.S. citizens who are Jewish, by Palestinian radicals along with the Democrats' anti-Israel stance?  Any of these things could have been asked of Joe by reporters were they serious, given their privileged proximity to him, but they preferred instead to ask about his choice of ice cream.

And it's not the first time.  Back in October, ahead of the election, another boob reporter shouted out a question for Biden — not about Hunter's laptop, or whether he was "The Big Guy" in Hunter's writings, a story that broke that day, but again, what flavor of ice cream he was having while exiting a local ice cream parlor.  I wrote about that here.

They do this a lot, as this montage of Biden ice cream stories shows.  And Team Biden have pretty well said they plan to do more of it.  I wrote about that Ben Rhodes-ian stratagem to reward this kind of idiocy here.

Recall that when President Trump was the focus of this ice cream journalism kick, the burning question was whether he got two scoops or one, the aim being to make President Trump look bad to low-information voters.

The bigger idea is to suck up to Biden, who flies off the handle when uncomfortable questions are asked of him in public (unless he hides), and his vice president keeps an actual score-settling enemies list.

Ask Joe stupid questions, and get press access, leaks, book deals, visibility of the big-hiring corporate media.  That's what's behind this, a certain amount of reporter self-interest, played like a fiddle by the minions of Joe if not Joe himself.  And the public is supposed to be stupid — so stupid, in fact, that they think these ice cream stories are interesting, which they're not.

It's why people don't like Washington, politics, or especially the press.  Trust in the media has fallen precipitously.  Yet the press just keeps serving that pathetic melted, years-old ice cream.

Image: Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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