Making 'woke' corporations start paying the price

In 2016, Kellogg's, the old American cereal company, boycotted Breitbart News because of its support for Trump.  A whole host of other companies pledged to do the same.  It was the first time in American history that companies boycotted Americans rather than vice versa.  That was when we realized that America's companies were selling leftist politics (often aligned with China) along with their goods and services.

Whether it was Nike hiring Colin Kaepernick as a spokesman because he refused to stand for the flag; Gillette shilling its razors to confused women who took testosterone and then needed to shave their beards; or Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Bank of America, and a host of other companies weighing in on Georgia's new laws to prevent election fraud, myriad American companies have taken sides in American politics.

Even worse, a lot of them appear to have taken sides against America itself, because their desperation to profit from China's vast marketplace is what's driving their willingness to use politics to market themselves.  Disney, for example, filmed its live-action Mulan right next door to China's Uighur concentration camps.  Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, in order to get to China's market, helped China spy on and censor Chinese citizens.  And Michael Bloomberg, a former Democrat presidential candidate, regularly met with Chinese Communist Party officials to give him his marching orders to operate in China.

The best analogy to what's happening, given China's treatment of religious minorities and tyranny over its own citizens, is to American companies doing business with the Nazis in the 1930s, even as the Nazis slid ever deeper into fascism.  As a historic side note, Coca-Cola did big business with the Nazis.  You'd think they would have learned by now.

Lee Smith, in a deservedly praised article entitled "The Thirty Tyrants," explained that America's wealthiest and most powerful people and corporations have given their allegiance to China.  While we weren't looking, we started becoming China's vassal state.  It's a horrifying article, and if you haven't yet read it, you must.  Everything America's ruling class has done for the past few years, with special emphasis when COVID came along, has been to damage America and leave it ripe for China.

Still, China hasn't quite taken over — there's still time — and a nonprofit group called Consumers' Research has taken up the flag for America.  It's produced a series of advertisements calling out the hypocrisy; anti-Americanism; and, if appropriate, pro-Chinese policies of American Airlines, Nike, and Coca-Cola:

This is great stuff.  I hope they do more, and I hope Americans take seriously the war that corporate America is waging against them and fight back.  As I suggested earlier, Trump could help by creating an online marketplace that sells only American goods, whether from corporations or individual craftspeople.

Image: Nike and Coke support slave labor in China.  Twitter screen grab.

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