A 30-second recording captures the difference between Israelis and Arabs

One of Golda Meir's most famous quotations concerned the differing attitudes between Arabs and Israelis when it came to children's role in war.  She noted that Israelis saw children as potential victims who must be protected at all costs, while Arabs see children as useful weapons in war.  Now a 30-second recording between an IDF soldier and a Gaza resident brings her observation to life.

Golda Meir, in her book A Land of Our Own: An Oral Autobiography, spoke about the different ways in which the two parties viewed children during the imperialist Arabs' endless efforts to push the indigenous Jews out of their land.*  Most people remember only the last sentence — "Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us" — but it's actually the preceding sentence that illuminates the vast moral chasm between Israelis and Arabs:

When peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons. Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.

Meir's formulation has shown up in two memes widely circulated on the internet whenever there is strife between Israel and the Arabs:

Israel-haters and other anti-Semites, however, have routinely claimed that these illustrations, along with Meir's statement, are just self-serving Israeli propaganda.  Now, though, a recording of a conversation between an Israel Defense Force soldier warning an Arab in Gaza to evacuate a building reveals that this understanding of the difference between Israelis and Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank isn't propaganda at all:

Arab: I can't get all of the people out. I need at least two hours to get them out.

IDF: Listen, we are going to bomb the building.

Arab: You want to bomb? Bomb whatever you want.

IDF: No, brother, we need to do everything we can so you don't die.

Arab: We want to die.

IDF: But you have a responsibility for children's lives.

Arab: If the children need to die then they'll die.

IDF: God forbid! God forbid! Why do you want to die?

Arab: This is how we reveal your cruelty.

Did you catch the Israeli's anguish and the Arab's insouciance about the fact that the latter was perfectly happy for children to die to advance Hamas's genocidal cause?  If you read comments on Twitter, you'll see the usual Israel-haters claiming that Israel should have given the man the two hours he claimed necessary to vacate the building.  However, the phone call made it clear that the claimed need for two hours was a ruse. It was important to him to force Israel, which was attacking a legitimate military target, to have to kill children.

Every person who supports the Arabs' cause is supporting the slaughter of children.  To Israel, whether Jew or Arab, children are lives to be saved; to Arabs, they are cannon fodder and propaganda props.


*You will no longer find the word "Palestinians" in anything I wrote because that gives the Arabs in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank a historic legitimacy that has no basis in truth.  There has never been an independent, Arab- or Muslim-controlled "Palestine" on that land.

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