About those overbearing vaccine ads...

It seems pretty obvious that everyone who wants the COVID vaccine has already been vaccinated.  These people have waited in lines at Dodger Stadium, college campus sites, all the drug stores like Walgreens, of course.  Big Pharma has become much wealthier; there are nine new billionaires.

How's that for motivation?  Get vaxxed to make the rich guys richer.  How many taxpayer dollars are being spent to convince people who have no interest in submitting to an entirely new form of vaccine to get the shot?  How about $52M? 

Whoa!  Might not that amount of money been better spent elsewhere — on securing the southern border, perhaps?  Or for helping all those pipeline workers Biden rendered unemployed on his first day in office?  Well, of course.

How about those governors who are offering taxpayer-funded monetary enticements?  Get the vaccine, and be entered in a lottery to win a million dollars!  California's governor, soon-to-be-recalled Newsom is one of them.  No 6surprise there: Desperation is the order of the day.  He's trying to purchase goodwill in all the wrong places.  Government does nothing better than waste money on specious campaigns to push one radical agenda or another.

Isn't it ironic that all those Trump-hating Democrats like Kamala Harris who vowed not to get any vaccine that Trump had brought to fruition via Operation Warp Speed are the very same Democrats who can't wait not only to get it but to attempt to literally force the vaccine-hesitant and resistant to be jabbed as well?  They also aggressively insist that even those who have recovered from COVID and have natural antibodies be vaxxed, too.  What sense does that make?  None.  In fact, it may well be dangerous, as countless doctors have asserted. 

As everyone certainly knows, the vaccines were approved on an emergency basis without having been fully tested; clinical trials will not be completed until spring of 2023.  Yet the powers that be are now testing them experimentally not only on teens but even on infants!  Unsurprisingly, there have been numerous adverse and some fatal results.  Eighteen teens in Connecticut who submitted to the Pfizer vax have been hospitalized with heart inflammation.  So it comes as no surprise that there are groups of doctors who feel that their use on children and teens should be banned until further studies can be completed.  Well, of course.  It is difficult for the vaccine-hesitant to grasp how any parent could allow his children — infants, toddlers, and teens — to be guinea pigs, especially for a disease for which kids are not at risk and is easily treatable.

The nation should never have been economically locked down.  The schools should never have been closed, and the ridiculous mask mandates were and remain just plain silly.  The year-plus of mask mandates did absolutely nothing to slow the spread of the virus.  Yet the vaccine hysterics cannot give up their masks — even those who are fully vaccinated.  For the thoroughly indoctrinated, it is a talisman that will forever protect them from harm.

One must only feel sorry for this chunk of the population, for they are only condemning themselves to a half-life.  Even though they are fully vaccinated, they live in fear of their fellow humans and a virus that has most likely petered out and is a danger to no one but the most health-compromised.

Perhaps those very expensive pro-vaccine ads give them comfort.  From them they can relish their place among the virtuous, the obedient; they are special and superior to those cretins who resist the vaccine that is essentially a medical experiment. 

As provable with almost every campaign of the radical left, the get-the-vaccine ads once again demonstrate the left's absolute belief that the American people are ignorant, easily led, pliable, and compliant once exposed to their oh, so clever propaganda.  It enrages them that about half the population does not fall for their schemes to beguile us. 

These are strange and trying times.  All each of us has to guide us is our own best instincts.  Those who have rushed to be vaccinated are relieved, thankful, and comforted in the belief that they are now protected.  But are they?  No one really knows.  Most of the adverse reactions and deaths by the vaccine have been suppressed.  There are among some doctors around the world dire predictions about what the future holds regarding the long-term consequences of these mRNA vaccines.  And then there are the doctors who are on board, advising everyone to surrender to the government's thinly veiled attempt to mandate them for the good of humanity.  The vaccine-resistant are relegated to the traitorous category of the selfish, the cruel.  But if the vaccines are effective, why do they care?  They are no threat to them — or are they? 

Propaganda is a powerful thing.  That is why the government thinks that spending $52M on an ad campaign to coax people into getting vaxxed is de rigueur.  They think it will work.  But when we learn that only half of the employees of the CDC, Fauci's NIAID, and probably the WHO have opted for the jab, it may be that the vax-resistant are the wise ones.  Their $52M be damned.

Let us hope that both the vaccinated and unvaccinated weather this overly hyped pandemic and survive with their good health intact.  Only time will tell.

Graphic credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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