The soul of Seattle

If you've spent any time in Seattle, and I have over the past three decades, you will notice that something strange has occurred.  I don't mean the socialist idiot city councilwoman Kshama Sawant and her raving minions.  Nor is it the entire city council that echoes the latest and most progressive progressions of the progressed.  Neither is it the homeless encampments defiling a once beautiful, clean cityscape with their needles, trash, and turds.  No, this is much more subtle until it hits your cognitive center like a Tesla running out of juice before you get to your destination with no charging stations nearby.

Seattle has become the center of the Ugly School of Architecture and Design (USAD).  Look around!  Square silos are popping up everywhere like crystallized mushrooms after a rain.  They exemplify the Euro-trash look.  Fifty shades of gray or black, with matching interiors that might, if you are lucky, have one spot of color.  But even then, it is some ghastly orange tone that clashes with everything unless you are a Denver Broncos fan.  These angular atrocities are attached to each other in massive blocks or detached with a token yard often covered with astro-turf to mimic a lawn without the bother of caring for something living.  However, it is a sufficiently sterile place for pets to poop, which is then plastic-bagged for disposal by the attending human.  How we have evolved!

Construction cranes are everywhere.  They litter the skyline like an angry mob of robots excreting their newest geometric excreta programmed by the USAD squadrons of progressive planners and architects littering the city with their trendy warrens for the techie robots seeking housing and authenticity.  And look at these humanoids closely.  Almost all of them wear black or gray. They look like a funeral procession of anthropocentric ants scurrying around the grounds, doing the bidding of their digital masters who are dressed in designer gray or black t-shirts and jeans. 

You might see a surprising splash of color vibrating out of the coiffures of these androgynous souls as they move between their USAD housing and workplace ghettos, but that has nothing to do with beauty or style.  The colors chosen do not complement any human skin tone, and often the garish greens and putrid pinks are accompanied by metallic piercings shimmering on their pasty white privileged faces like metallic pimples on pre-pubescent adolescents expressing their individualistic conformity with the woke mob.  They all look and smell and behave the same!  The mobocracy demands your conformity.

Seattle has become a monoculture in thought and expression.  It is a caste system delineated by conformity, credit, corruption, and complicity.  It, like virtually all the progressive ghettos across the U.S., has devolved into a Stalinist brutalist conformity of silence and obedience.  The denizens of the new Seattle, like all the other cities in America that have chosen their mono-cultural, monochromatic lifestyle, are facing something scarier than the Wuhan virus.  Mother Nature does not tolerate monocultures for long.  They are inherently weak and feeble parasitic plagues relying on massive subsidized inputs to stay alive.  These mono-cultural hollowed out pyramids drown themselves in a torrent of toxicity to flush out any thoughts, ideas, and speech that might challenge their delusions.  They can only control these torrents for so long.  No masks will protect them from the path they are so blithely skipping down into the cascade of their own hate that will drown them.

America is now measuring its budget in the trillions with most of those inputs going to subsidize various politically correct nostrums that have, like invasive weeds, penetrated the defenses of these United States of America.  These socialist tendrils will strangle everything they encounter on the road to serfdom.  Free market economist Friedrich Hayek and others have predicted as much.  Americans thought they were exempt.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their masters are proving that ideas have consequences to credit Richard Weaver who saw this a long time ago.  This is not the fault of the liberals or Democrats, because their goals were obvious.  This is the fault of the Republicans and conservatives who got lazy and complacent when faced with the rigors of eternal vigilance to preserve and protect liberty.

Now the chickens are home to roost.  And those chicken prices will not reflect the Costco rotisserie chicken prices consumed by the millions each year.  Those chickens will cost you your souls.  The gray, black, angular, and angry landscapes are the chicken coops of  America's cultural future.  If you are lucky, you will get one chicken in your pot, but it will taste like the industrial chicken coops from whence they come.  It will be a vegan chicken!  Or worse, it will be the faux food that Billy Gates wants to foist on everyone under the guise of saving the planet and killing the patients.

How we are evolving!

Image: Picryl, public domain.

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