The raid on Rudy

At some point in the 1980's, when Rudy Giuliani was a U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, my mother went with a friend to hear him talk at a local meeting.  She came home enormously impressed.  The speaker, she reported, was not all that good-looking, but he was a real "comer."

As always, Mother was right.  After an unsuccessful run for New York City's mayor in 1989, Giuliani was finally elected to that office in 1994 — and then re-elected in 1998.  At the end of his second term, he found himself fortuitously in the right place at a terribly wrong time, effectively able to aid and bolster the stunned, bewildered people of his city after the 9/11 attack.

There was no braver man in the Big Apple at that time.  Just as he had "taken on" the New York City Mafia and won, so the mayor confronted the challenges of the horrific attack on the World Trade Center.  Risking his life, Giuliani reported to Ground Zero and heroically led suffering New Yorkers to safety through the white rubble of wilderness.

For some, he was the 20th-century equivalent of Moses.  Time magazine named him the 2001 Person of the Year.  (Well, okay, they had given the same distinction to the Ayatollah Khomeini twenty-two years earlier!)  But the point is that Rudy Giuliani was for a while not just the head honcho of the Big Apple.  He was the Mayor of America.

It wasn't just for his 9/11 heroics that he earned that accolade.  During his two-term administration, he cleaned up New York City as it hadn't been before and hasn't been since.  Every year that I visited my family in New York, I could see the miraculous changes.  The bums were gone from the theater district's skid row.  The homeless were relocated to facilities up the Hudson.  Tall, beefy cops patrolled every subway in New York's vast underground system.  Anyone comparing the city then and now would give high marks to His Honor.

But in the intervening years, it has become political sport to turn the tables of affection on Rudy Giuliani.  Originally a Democrat, he had over the years become a highly regarded Republican, at one time aspiring to the presidency.  But now, solely by dint of his affiliation with Donald J. Trump, he is regarded by Democrats as a "traitor" to the nation.  That is a serious charge, but "words matter" to Democrats only when it suits their purposes.

To emphasize the danger the Biden administration associates with this septuagenarian, this week, his apartment in New York City was forcibly entered by FBI agents, who seized whatever electronic devices they could get their hands on.  This unexpected maneuver was undertaken despite the fact that it came in the midst of cooperative ongoing conversations with Giuliani's attorney concerning the charges against him.

Media gathered outside Giuliani's apartment (YouTube screen grab).

Not surprisingly, these had to do with the Trump administration's concerns about Joe Biden's pressuring the Ukrainian government to dismiss any investigation into corruption by the firm Burisma, which handsomely compensated Biden's son Hunter for his "service" on its Board of Directors.  Never mind that Biden was, himself, guilty of quid pro quo, having said openly that he would withhold money from the Ukrainian government unless the investigation of Burisma was halted.

So, though complaints against Giuliani and company had been lodged by Democrats many months ago, it took a Biden presidency to see to it that Rudy was humiliated by an FBI "home invasion" reminiscent of the harrowing one launched against another elderly Trump associate, Roger Stone.  In that early-morning raid covered by tipped off CNN, Roger and his frail wife feared for their safety.

It would seem that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is capable of thwarting — or willing to thwart — only old conservative men.  They haven't bothered to breach the walls of the sprawling Clinton compound in Chappaqua for incriminating evidence in the matter of the faux dossier by Christopher Steele, financed by the DNC with funds from Hillary's campaign.

Nor have they bothered to bust into the fashionable Los Angeles digs of Hunter Biden, perhaps rummaging through his steel straws and various "extraneous" laptops to find evidence of his sweetheart deals with the wife of a Moscow mayor and a lending institution in China. 

If Democrats cannot parse issue along racist lines, they handle it through sheer politics.  The ruling objective of even the thinnest Democrat majority is to discount, dismay, and destroy the opposition.  Hence, a credible servant of the people like Rudy Giuliani has his apartment invaded by a swarm of government agents.

Even before this recent ordeal for Giuliani's family, he had routinely become the object of scorn by leftist publications, who minimized his successes as New York's mayor and suggested he had become a bug-eyed madman.  These are the same journalists — if that's the word — who would rise in resentment at any reference to Joe Biden's cognitive lapses — or his vacant, squinty eyes.

The sudden sea change in attitude toward Republican politicians is in lockstep with the woke's "cancel culture" campaign.  Once revered as an American icon, someone on the right of the political spectrum can be just as quickly sabotaged — as was the case with 60 Minutes' inaccurate reporting on Florida governor Ron DeSantis — or even relabeled as a traitor to America.  This scary scenario is nevertheless strategically preferred by the left, whose intent is to reconstruct — or more accurately, destruct — America in its own image.  Incidentally, apologies for lapses in truth-telling are rarely forthcoming.

To accomplish this form of tyranny, it is necessary to confuse and humble Americans.  Ransacking Giuliani's apartment and trashing the reputation of its occupant is not at all different from tearing down a statue of a Confederate leader.  In the eyes of a power-hungry Democrat party, any rearrangement of historical truths is permissible as long as it advances their political goals.

There is a move afoot to defund or redefine the police in America.  But rest assured: the FBI agents who break into the homes of Trump-supporters will not be dismissed as unessential or threatening.  In fact, they appear to have become a willing strong arm of the party in power.

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