People of the wrong color: Media won't remember Yao Pan Ma's name

Have you ever heard of Yao Pan Ma?  Probably not, at least not by name.  Yao Pan Ma is the 61-year old Chinese man who was brutally attacked in East Harlem on April 23.  This senseless crime made the news in the New York newspapers but not that much nationally.

This incident came about as Yao Pan Ma was pushing a shopping cart along Third Avenue and East 125th Street.  Weeks before, he had been laid off at as a dishwasher at a Chinese restaurant in Lower Manhattan due to the pandemic.  He was out collecting discarded cans to earn a little money for his family.  That's when a black thug came up from behind, knocked Yao Pan Ma to the ground, and proceeded to kick him in the head six times.  The Asian is now in a coma and on a ventilator.  His wife is uncertain if he'll ever come out of it.  To get an idea of the violence inflicted on Yao Pan Ma, here is a photo of him in his New York hospital bed.

Jarrod Powell, age 49, has been arrested and charged with attempted murder and a hate crime.  This attack was completely senseless.  The motive wasn't robbery.  The assailant did it just for the joy of hurting someone smaller and weaker than himself.  And as police charge, the attack was also because the victim was Chinese.  Such attacks by blacks on Asians is attributed to the hobgoblin called "white supremacy" by the liberal media.  But Asians and anyone with a lick of common sense know better. 

There are two contrasts of this horrid story need to be highlighted.

First is the work ethic of Yao Pan Ma.  The man was out trying to scrap together a few dollars to support his family.  Although not much money can be earned collecting aluminum cans, he was out doing what he could.  That's family values.  The man knows how to carry his responsibilities.  I could be wrong, but I somehow doubt that Jarrod Powell's work ethic could come close to matching this Asian's.  Yet who is the one lying in a hospital bed on life support?  Not Powell.  And since the crime happened in Bill de Blasio's New York, one shouldn't count on Powell having the book thrown at him.

Second, Yao Pan Ma's name will soon be forgotten by the media if it isn't already.  Compare that to the career criminal, George Floyd.  Not to speak ill of the dead, but Floyd was a multiple felon.  He threatened a pregnant woman with a firearm and was committing a felony when arrested.  And upon his fatal encounter with the police, he was resisting arrest.

Humanly speaking, who is more deserving of sympathy: Yao Pan Ma or George Floyd?  It must be Floyd because he has been elevated to what passes for sainthood by the media.  On top of that, Minneapolis gave Floyd's family $27 million dollars for his death.

The difference is that Floyd's death serves the left's anti-white agenda while the attack on Yao Pan Ma doesn't.  Enough said.

Image: CBS New York via YouTube.

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